Ara Chackerian’s Interview on the Importance of Integrating Technology with Health Care Provision

Ara Chackerian, a San Francisco based businessman and philanthropist, is dedicated towards the improvement of the health care and community-based work. Throughout his career, he has been fighting for initiatives to build bridges between the healthcare system and the technological world. Apart from his involvement in the improvement of the healthcare system, he has interests in environmental and youthdevelopment strategies. One of his notable environmental projects is the focus on teak framing in Nicaragua, which promotes environmentally agricultural practices.

Together with his longtime business partner in the medical field, Ara Chackerian plans to extend his experience to include construction of out-patient analytic radiology center in Northern California. He says that technology when incorporated with treatment results in the efficacy of treatment of patients suffering from illnesses such as depression. He concludes that technological algorithms can pick the behaviors of patients enabling doctors to diagnose diseases thus administer timely treatment to ease medical conditions.

Ara Chackerian Sheds Light on Mental Health

During the Mental Health Awareness Month, various organizations come together to educate and inform people about issues of mental health. Ara Chackerian says that the best way to help people faced with mental healthcare problems is to get them professional help. One can do this by contacting mental health facilities, outreach programs, and law enforcement. Another way of helping is making your personal experiences with mental issues known to others, thus, making them feel like they are not alone in their struggles.

Elimination of stigma associated with mental health issues is a way of uplifting people affected as they will feel like they are inferior. Ara Chackerian says that everybody should take care of their mental health to strike a balance in life. In conclusion, he says that one of the best ways to help people in society is getting involved as this will give you knowledge on how to assist those suffering from mental health issues.

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