Client-focused financial company makes waves

In September of 2017, Dallas financial company NexBank noted that they made an entire $54 million placement for its fixed-to-floating rate for specific high-paying investors. NexBank Capital made use of the placement finances to fulfill certain corporate responsibilities. Along with what they accumulated in 2017, NexBank Incorporated has made exactly $283 million dollars worth of debt and equity from 2016 onward.


The notes in the placement grow all the way to September 30, 2027, set at a rate of 6.375% for the span of five years. From there, those very same notes are on a floating rate for more than the required three-month period and are listed as BBB- and tier 2 capital by particular restrictions. Sandler O’Neill and Partners were the only ones managing the notes being offered at the time and that met its closing on September 19, 2017.


According to, NexBank Capital is a financial company that prides itself on helping clients such as institutions, corporations and more by way of commercial banking and mortgage banking as well as some institutional services provided. NexBank Capital Inc allows their clients to reach problem solving given by experts who are successful. The company makes certain to match the needs of all clients.


NexBank Capital has always been centered on the clients and helping them feel at their most secure with their business decisions and practices. Through the expertise amongst the many bankers employed, solutions are found that properly by looking over the financial area the client is in and helping to decide what should be done to best support those financial goals. NexBank has bankers that are willing to give services for common and uncommon financial investments that cover the personal and varied professional business goals of each and every client. They’ve helped many nationwide and hope to help many more.



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