Heather Parry’s work on the screen

Heather Parry has been in her line of business for years and has done a lot of work during those years. For years Heathers ‘Live Nation’ streamed several live show’s and created digitals for artists live concert experiences, but they expanded and are now into the film and TV genre. Heathers business has also created docs that describes the artists behind the music. These docs often give details and takes you through a heart felt journey of the artists lives.

One of the latest projects that Heather had the privilege of doing is an emotional doc from the famous, Lady Gaga. Some of her other projects include: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story, and Gaga: Five Foot Two. She is also working on Imagine Dragons, Noah Cyrus, and Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Parry has an open connection with several different celebrities and artists due to working with MTV for dozens of years. Heather started working with MTV at the age of 22 and went on to producing “The Week in Rock,” “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” and “The Longest Yard.” In 2005 she left MTV and went on to produce a list of movies, such as; “The House Bunny,” “Just Go With It,” and “Pixels.”

Over the past few Years Heather has been working on promoting their music films, which is why she chose “A Star is Born.” Live Nations has now done more than 100 music festivals. Heather has more plans in expanding her business in the near future.

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