Betsy DeVos: A Generous Philanthropist

Have you seen the news about Betsy DeVos? She has been working with the First Lady and Queen Rania of Jordan, as well as Pitbull in recent months. She has been campaigning across the country for educational choice. While she started her campaign in 2017, it has been difficult to get educational choice implemented in a number of states. In fact, she opened up about these difficulties in a recent interview with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes.”


DeVos is well known for philanthropy. She has been working in education reform and philanthropy for many years. She has even co-founded her own charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids. While she has been working side-by-side with her husband Dick DeVos all these years, she has been campaigning mostly on her own as the 11th US Secretary of Education. It’s clear that people like the direction of private choice, but there are still questions.


For example, as Lesley Stahl poses, that educational choice hasn’t been that successful in comparison to standardized test scores, which was the initial policy used to combat poor performance in America’s schools. DeVos says that it’s quite subjective as America still ranks quite poorly on reading comprehension and math skills overall. She blames Common Core Math and No Child Left Behind for some of those issues.


DeVos has explained educational choice to any who will hear. She believes that people are mistaken when they say that it is a bad policy for America’s students, since it places students first above all. Inf act, it’s unclear where so many people oppose these programs. She believes that they simply just don’t understand what educational choice means.


Educational choice can mean different things. It could mean that you have access to other schools besides where you are zoned. It could also mean that you have access to much more educational options and scholarships. In Florida, for example, you can go to any school, and you can receive a scholarship for doing so.


Most people don’t realize it, but Betsy DeVos has been working in education reform for over 40 years. She has always believed that there should be better options for students in America, and she has worked hard to help parents and students feel like they have a choice when it comes to their educational setting. However, many states aren’t budging. They don’t want to have educational choice be a problem in their states.


It’s an issue that DeVos has had to face since the beginning. She has also had her campaign interrupted by other reforms, such as school safety. She has been working with school safety officials to improve campus security, although it has been unclear if these policies will remain in place for long.


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