Genucel and Chamonix Walking Towards Self-Esteem

After many women face abuse the consequence is usually low self-esteem. This low self-esteem can lead to other several issues such as lowered self-worth and violence towards oneself. If one has experienced low self-esteem after abuse, it is important that they find self-care methods that improve their self-esteem. Health care professionals over the years have recommended the different forms of self-care for personal growth. This includes self-affirmation, self-love and taking care of one’s physical health. Maintaining physical health is one of the best ways of getting rid of low self-esteem as it makes one feel good about themselves. This is done through exercise and hygienic routines such as maintaining a healthy diet.


Genucel which is an arm of Chamonix also participated in this campaign by providing the women that had faced abuse with beauty bags. These beauty bags contain makeup products and toiletries that allow women to take care of themselves while going through these tough times. Physical abuse can be tough on one’s skin causing it to age quickly and develop wrinkles and dark spots. The Genucel products that are being distributed contain the ingredients that will clear the dark spots and tighten the skin through the production of collagen. This way, the woman can feel much prettier again, and their self confidence can improve. Women Aware is an organization that houses and supports women and families in New Jersey that have faced physical and emotional abuse. The organization recently organized a 5km walk aimed at raising awareness of physical abuse.



Genucel took part in this awareness and distributed its beauty bags to the women that participated in the walk/run. Genucel slowly has come to the realization that women who face physical abuse face more damage than what can be seen on the surface. With the beauty products that they have contributed, they hope that women can continue building up their confidence and their self-worth. The beauty products are meant to make the women feel pretty on the inside and not on the outside. Genucel hopes that they can continue working with Women Aware in support of the families that face abuse and also help these individuals improve their self-esteem. The number of physical abuse cases is on the rise each day, and it is time that individuals take a stand on what is right. The Genucel products are anti-aging, and they get rid of dark spots. Read more about Genucel on



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