Local Banks With Full Business Services

In the current climate of consumers and commercial interests moving toward more local and relationship based financial partners, many clients are turning to community banks such as NexBank. Today’s marketplace is filled with more than enough alternatives to large financial institutions that treat their clients as faceless entities, that even small businesses need never subject themselves to such treatment again.


Community banks are known for cultivating relationships with all of their clients, no matter the size. At the 2016 annual conference of the Texas Bankers Association, NexBank CEO and President John Holt spoke on the well-received panel entitled, “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. In his role of leading one of Dallas’s top community banks, Mr. Holt is dedicated to the needs of his clients and spends a large portion of his time focused on innovation. Community banks serve a very impactful role by treating every client as important and working with them as partners in the quest to find effective solutions to get their needs met.


The three tenets that drive the NexBank business model are Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. Through these areas of expertise, the bank is able to guide their clients through the sometimes choppy waters of today’s business world. With a financial partner working in tandem to help meet optimization throughout all business sectors. Relationships are the cornerstone of our success.


Community banks are an essential resource for businesses that are seeking a financial partner with whom they can forge a strong and long lasting relationship. Community banks are well equipped to offer all of the essential financial services and have the added benefit of doing so with a personal touch. NexBank is proud to serve its customer base located in the greater Dallas area today, and for the many years to come.

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