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Create Colorful Perfection With Lime Crime

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All of us want to be standouts in our own way and when you want to standout, choose Lime Crime’s makeup to accentuate your perfections. Lime Crime is a unique company that creates stand out products that make you look and feel good and will not have you looking like a basic girl or boy….

Kylie Jenner’s House Warning From Khloe

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Kylie Jenner seems to be dead set on growing up fast, not only has she been secretly dating a much older man and preparing for like as a stepmother, but now Kylie has purchased her own home and is ready to move in on her 18th birthday. Looking at Kylie’s life you wouldn’t peg her…

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Breakup

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Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been together for only 8 months, but their relationship seems to have lasted much longer considering the two started as friends and once they became and item they were everywhere. Unlike many famous couples Ariana and Big Sean didn’t insist on hiding their relationship or make the media think…

Skout Makes a Different Kind of Dating Application, and That’s a Good Thing

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As someone who works at home, I find it rather difficult meeting new people. Outside of talking to my dog each and every day, the most actual human interaction I receive is when I head out to the grocery store. Of course, I’m not looking to pick up the cashier at my local food outlet,…

Move Over, Mustache

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Why so much vitriol about the mustache? Why has this once proud symbol of masculinity fallen out of favor? It’s because many modern women do not think it’s sexy. In fact they think it’s creepy. A recent article in Jezebel postulates. Why mustaches have not made the comeback the beard has is mystifying to many….

Single Women Are Getting Married on Their Own

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It’s hard to find someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. There are countless romance novels, movies and TV shows revolving around woman’s hunt for the right guy who will sweep her off her feet. Well, some women have given up, or they have at least succumbed to the fact…

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