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Owners and Their Pets Celebrate the arrival of High Quality Dog Food

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In this day and age of technological advances, it is easy for us to access nutritional information about the variety of foods we consume. Gone are the days where we rely on doctors and other experts to figure out our diets, and we are free to complete a quick web search to make our own…

Purina is Serious About Pet Owners

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Not content with making high-quality pet food, Purina PetCare has created their website with the pet owner in mind. Unlike many websites which simply try to sell visitors a product or service, Purina has added a lot of extra features on to help pet owners with every stage of their pet’s life. The first step…

Beneful Petco Discounts For Bigger, Better Bargains

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Super dog couldn’t have been any more wholesome and Beneful. Nestle Purina introduced their flagship pet food brand “Beneful” back in 2001. It has since taken on notable updates and expansion leading to it becoming the nation’s 4th favorite dog food in 2012. Today Beneful has a vast selection of menus for dogs ranging from…

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