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Get Acquainted with Equities First Holdings

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Equities First Holdings is a company that specializes in lending solutions to other organizations and investors. Stock-based solutions are what they mostly deal with. Their services are supplied all over the world. Indianapolis, Indiana is the main headquarter of Equities First Holdings. However the rest of the offices are in HongKong, London, Singapore and Sydney….

This Dallas Bank delivers in 2015; positioned for continued growth

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Nexbank had a very profitable and productive year in 2015. The bank, based out of Dallas, Texas, saw year after year net income reach $53.2 million and a return on average equity (ROAE) increased to 35%. These figures represent substantial growth from 2014, where the year after year net income of $25.6 million with a return on average equity of 23%. Concerning financial results for the fourth quarter, 2015 saw net income of $16.2 million compared with $10.2 million in 2014. Part of this growth can be attributed to the acquisition of Collage Savings Bank in November of 2015, expanding the deposit base of Nexbank and allowing the bank to focus on its three core lines of business. NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results Nexbank focuses on three core lines of business. Serving household and small business consumers, Nexbank focuses on mortgage and commercial banking. Through the mortgage banking division Nexbank is focused on creating long term relationships. Warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending are key areas of the mortgage banking division. The commercial banking division handles commercial lending, commercial real estate and credit services. The third core line of business for Nexbank is investment banking. Nexbank offers mergers and acquisition advisory services, corporate finance services, recapitalization and restructuring, operations advising, and real estate advising. Nexbank provides services for consumers across the United States. Through effective leadership in the financial services industry, Nexbank is growing and positioned to seize additional opportunities into the future. Nexbank’s filings show sustainable growth and a commitment to serving customers and clients.

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