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Igor Cornelsen Guides Investors Through Brazilian Investing

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In the 21st century, the investment and financial industry is evolving at a fast rate as developing economies finally make their big break into the upper echelons of major economic success stories. Igor Cornelsen believes many investors should follow the trend for looking outside the U.S. and Europe when making investments and look a little…

BMG’s Leader Ricardo Guimarães Talks Bank Changes

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As the financial leader for the BMG bank, Ricardo Guimarães has been able to create a great deal of opportunities for the bank. He has allowed the bank to sponsor different athletes, has given people the chance to work for the bank who may not have had a chance in the past and has created…

Indian Scientist Were Aware Of The Zika Virus In The 1950s According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes

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The Zika virus has been around for more than 65 years. The first reported case of the virus was in Uganda in 1947. African researchers didn’t think much of the virus back then because the symptoms were so mild. Africa is the home of more deadly viruses, so a virus that only causes fever, body…

Understanding The Relevance Of Ricardo Guimarães In the Success Of BMG

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Each business needs a dedicate pilot who is willing to sacrifice anything to ensure the venture emerges successful. Management is all that will determine the course a business takes. Many people have not been able to realize the right profits due to lack of a dedicated team that can offer management. In the presence of…

A Developing World Perspective: Financial Stability And Inflation Targeting

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As Ricardo Guimaraes put it in the interview, the worldwide financial crisis prompted debate about the nature and adequacy of money related regulations, and whether national banks ought to consider unequivocally monetary solidness goals in the behaviour of fiscal strategy. A typical contention to bolster this perspective is that the very accomplishment of cost strength…

Understanding Business Challenges And Getting Solutions As Shown By BMG

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A company is able to garner the right kind of market penetration if the management of the venture is focused on offering strategies that can help overcome some challenges that make it challenging to handle business. This is what many have ignored and in effect has led to the collapse of their businesses. One may…

Financial Business Trend Overview With Ricardo Guimaraes, The President And CEO BMG Bank

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For some extended period of time, inflation was witnessed to shape various sectors in the banking institution making the percentage of credit exposure to go up. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, personal credit market is the one that has been increasing most in the market and despite of the national growth in the market, the exploitation…

The Development of Brazilian Law

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Brazilian law shares many similarities to that of law in Europe. As Brazil was once a colony, Portuguese influence has shaped much of Brazil’s legislative system. The separation between Brazil and Portugal, only 200 years old, influences how the judicial system has also been shaped. After the independence of Brazil in 1822, it was not…

Most Notable Brazilian Authors

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There are many authors in Brazil that have famously published many novels. There are a few that are the most popular and notable writers in all their works. Below are the top notable Brazilian writers of all time. Paulo Coelho Paulo Coehlo is one of the top selling Brazilian authors of all time. He is…

How Brazil Has Proved To Be Compelling In Foreign Investments

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The Brazilian economy has almost hit the wall as most people perceive, but that is entirely untrue. Even though the economy has stalled and has been lagging in growth, investors shouldn’t be blinded by this since it has not dammed out the outlook for the future, especially in the asset management industry. Inflation has stalled…

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