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Retirement Preparedness Tips from Financial Expert David Giertz

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David Giertz addressed the fact that many American retirees have fallen victim of lack of enough saving for a comfortable retirement life. For individuals who retire early and live for a long period, the act of poor planning leaves them standing out as endangered persons when it comes to retirement. David says that few people…

David Giertz Advice on How to Plan for Your Retirement

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Are you prepared for your life after retirement? What is it that you are required to do and avoid during retirement? Most people turn to early retirement without the skills needed to sail through it successfully. In fact, most people wait till they retire to plan for their retirement. As a wise old saying, failure…

The Plan Of Retirement

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Retirement is something that everyone who was having a midlife crisis is thinking about. Everyone who has at some point in time doing a job that takes up a lot of their time thinks about kicking it up and taking a break from their stressful life. For some retirement is a relief, while for some,…

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