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A Glance at Private Credit with Gareth Henry

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Gareth Henry has had a meteoric rise in the private credit sector. It seems that this investment guru has found a way to use his mathematical training and extensive industry experience to propel himself through his career. While he has always been interested in the relationship between finances and mathematics, it was not until he…

Damac Chairman Relishes His Roots

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While the Damac Group looked forward to an IPO, the group’s chairman Hussain Sajwani professionalism in the food sector is noticed in his capability to cultivate allies significantly in high places on the world scale. Damac is associated with eye-catching marketing stunts and luxurious property developments in the UAE. In the recent past, it was…

Alex Hern and VR Assistance

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Alexander F. Hern is a highly qualified professional who lives and works in vibrant San Diego in Southern California. He’s a hard-working entrepreneur who is part of the sizable technology field at the moment. He has a lot of knowledge that pertains to the Internet and how it operates these days. Alex Hern’s entrepreneurial background…

Paul Mampilly: a Successful Investor

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Paul Mampilly is making good use of his education in the finance sector. He is a Fordham University graduate with MBA. In 1991, Paul was the Bankers Trust assistant portfolio manager. Through the years, Paul was able to gain experience and knowledge where he was able to get essential positions to work at legal firms,…

Business insights with Ara Chackerian.

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The health sector has been progressively growing, and more inventions are coming up. For patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression their hope. A new form of therapy that seeks to assist people suffering from this condition has been invented. TMS health solutions use magnetic stimulation. Ara Chackerian is one of the co-founders who has helped to…

Jed McCaleb Career Life

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Jed McCaleb is not a stranger to success. The businessman believes that with the use of the modern technology, people can improve the condition of their lives. Jed says that the state people are living in some parts of the world is just because they have not been leveraging technology. The businessman is the professional…

The Many Passions Of Shafik Sachedina

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina, who is well-known for his legendary insight with the Ismaili community, has also built up entrepreneurial activities in the health field. Dr. Sachedina, who was born in Dr-es-Salaam Tanzania in 1950, is a graduate of Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. He is a qualified dental surgeon…

Stream Energy helps spread green energy use while contributing to good causes

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If you live in the Southern United States, the chances are good that you’ve heard of Stream Energy. As one of the region’s most innovative energy companies, Stream Energy has helped millions of people make the transition from dirty old fossil fuels to clean, advanced forms of energy. Stream Energy has been one of the…

Sahm Andrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Management Exposes Kodak

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In a recent report from CNBC Sahm Adrangi the operating manager of the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company expressed his disdain with the Eastman Kodak company when Kerrisdale capital released a negative report. As they went on to explain they’re short position with Kodak recently has had a 187% rise in stock value The investment manager…

Paul Mampilly Finds Stock that Will Grow Larger Than Amazon and Google.

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In a recent blog post, Paul Mampilly discusses one of the new megatrends he has identified that are going to make some new companies and their investors wealthy over the next few years. One of those trends is energy. He recalls how scarce electricity was in India when he was a child in school. When…

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