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How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Changing Lives Through Business.

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Creative and entrepreneurial come to mind with thinking about Dr. Mark McKenna. Physician, Real Estate Investor, Patient Advocate, Community Leader, Husband and Father are just some of the titles that he wears. From a beginning of following in his father’s footsteps into medicine to the creator of a revolution in how some medical procedures will…

How Tony Petrello Has Thrived in His Career.

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Tony Petrello had not joined Nabors until 1991. Before he joined the board of directors, Tony was working for Backer & McKenzie. He was a corporate law specialist in this organization. When Petrello joined Nabors, he was the chief operating officer and president. He has also been the deputy chairman and chairman of the company’s…

Barbara Stokes: CEO, Wife, and Mother

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Barbara Stokes is a natural born leader. The Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC CEO has proven her leadership several times over. The Huntsville-based businesswoman has definitely made a name for herself as a Disaster Relief Contractor. Barbara co-founded Green Structure with her Husband Scott nearly a decade ago. Scott also functions as the company’s…

Susan Mcgalla Helps Women In Business World

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Women that have been part of the corporate business world know better than anyone else that it is not a level playing field. Entrepreneurs and business leaders like Susan Mcgalla have made it possible for so many people to get connected to a better information source. Susan is the information source that people, particularly women,…

Nick Vertucci’s Tips on proliferating in Real Estate

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Nick Vertucci companies’ .inc provides ways to overcome the obstacles that stand before starting a career in real estate. He has established the first of its kind real estate academy, NV Real estate academy. The institute assists novice who are willing to venture into the real estate market to gain financial freedom. Nick teaches his…

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