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Ricardo Tosto on Brazilian Business Law

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There are two major types of legal incorporation of business in Brazil, aside from sole proprietorships and family businesses. Major corporations generally fall into one of two categories: S.A.’s (anonymous societies) or Ltda.’s (limited companies). Limited companies are covered by the Brazilian Civil Code whereas anonymous societies are governed by a specific federal law that…

Ricardo Tosto: Choose A Renowned Business Litigator

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Looking for a reputable business lawyer in Brazil? As a client, you put a lot of trust into an attorney’s hands. Realizing that your lawyer is someone in whom you can rely is key to you providing a good relationship with your attorney so that you can pursue the resolution of your claim.If you would…

Hiring A Reliable Business Lawyer

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Looking for a good business lawyer In Brazil? ┬áThe most important qualities you want in a lawyer are experience, knowledge, track record, success, and ultimately a lawyer you can confide in. Your attorney must instill confidence in you. Sometimes, clients spend several months, longer working closely with their lawyer, which indicates the need for retaining…

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