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Raj Fernando’s Guide to Hiring the Best Employees

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Chicago has more than 104 private companies that are regarded as the world’s fastest growing companies. Among some of the top businesses in Chicago are United Airlines, Motorola, and McDonalds. The companies have a symbiotic relationship whereby they help each other to prosper in the business industry. Through agglomeration, the business enterprises are able to…

Eric Pulier: Focusing On the Future Through Philanthropy

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After learning computer programming while still in elementary school, Eric Pulier formed a database computer company while still in high school. This would be just the first of many companies he’d form. He went on to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1988. In 1991, he formed People Doing Things, a company which…

Talk Fusion Communication

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There are a lot of companies that try to add value to customers and to grow their business over time. In order to do that, you must have a viable product or service that helps people in a variety of areas. Talk Fusion is a company that has grown rapidly in recent years for a…

The Partnership between The Dallas Foundation and HCM on Philanthropic Matters

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Jim Dondero is widely known for his impressive business acumen and resume when it comes to accomplishments and service to HCM and other companies. Apart from his significant involvement in business activities, especially at Highland Capital, he focuses on charitable giving to the local Dallas community. With a considerable rise in HCM’s annual charitable giving…

The Times of John Goullet

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Diversant is a company that specializes in providing IT staffing to a number of different client companies throughout the country. It is a fully certified Minority Business Enterprise that has been completely committed to meeting the needs of its clients, consultants, and partners since its origination. It is particularly interested in encouraging diversity in the…

Adam Goldenberg Creates Products For You

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Adam Goldenberg has a lot of business experience in various types of fields. All of this knowledge has helped him create JustFab along with his business partner Don Ressler. They are a great team and they work really well together and bounce ideas off each other to make sure they are on the same page….

Mike Baur and the Swiss Start-up Factory are Lighting Fires under Young Entrepreneurs around the World

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and even as a youth he was fascinated with banking and finance. He takes great pride in taking his passion and turn it into his profession. He began his career as a commercial apprentice and worked his way up the financial ladder to executive board member of a large Swiss…

James Dondero Names Linda Owen as Charitable Giving Manager

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The Dallas based finance firm Highland Capital Management has named Linda Owen as its new charitable giving manager. This position will entail overseeing all of the charitable activities that the firm looks to participate in. Owen has a long and extensive track record of managing charitable organizations. She is currently as civic leader in the…

The Professional Networking Community Recognizes Brian Bonar’s Expertise in Finance

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The chairman of the Dalrada Finance Corporation was recently named as the Cambridge Who’s Who executive of the year in finance. It must be noted that inclusion of one’s name in the Cambridge’s registry is regarded as an honor. However, only four people have the privilege of being named as the executives of the year….

Why CROs and Compliant Officers like Helane Morrison are Critical in the Corporate Word

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The role of chief risk officers (CROs) is getting broader as financial companies change their perspective on risk. Apart from technical expertise, which is critical for the job, CROs are now expected to bring leadership and strategic thinking to the job. Traditionally, CRO jobs were synonymous with insurance companies. However, this situation changed with the…

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