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Passionate Collector Michael Zomber Continues to Defy Odds

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  Michael Zomber is an antique arms historian, expert, collector, and author of the same. He has been in the antique arms and armor collection for more than four decades meaning that he understands the subject thoroughly. He has also earned international recognition for his mastery of the Japanese Samurai swords. As per his CrunchBase…

Shared Office Space and Individuality

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  The typical job is not for everyone. This statement is true in so many different ways. For one thing, not everyone is able to get a typical job. Another thing is that the typical job is not a welcoming environment for everyone. However, many people just settle for their regular job with the belief…

William Skelley’s Success in Investment Business

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William Skelley has been enjoying a period of success in the investment real estate business in recent years. The alternative investment professional was among the first to develop a crowd sourcing interface with the intent to aid real estate investors in choosing and purchasing properties. Skelley was recently honored with an invitation to join the…

Seeing Through The Odds

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An inspiring article recently released via VTA Publications, directly confronts myths surrounding the nature of success and the fallibility behind people’s perception of odds, and how honing one’s belief system and self discipline can move you more then a step forward towards meeting one’s goals. The well-crafted piece references the 1980 winter Olympics that took…

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Is Challenging A Drug Patent For Multiple Sclerosis

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Kyle Bass is a well-known hedge fund investor. His company, Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management, L.P., is one of the top investment companies in the country. Bass was one of the men that successfully predicted the mortgage bond debacle in 2008. Bass shorted the bonds and made a fortune doing that when the market crashed. Mr….

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