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Bernardo Chua; The Innovative Behind the Success of Organo Gold

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Bernardo Chua is the founding Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, commonly referred to as ORGANO. The company is globally known for the production of a variety of health products, which are made by infusing Ganoderma into favorite beverages like tea and coffee. Ganoderma is a popular herb used in Chinese medicine. It is famous…

David McDonald Dedicates Himself Tirelessly to Diversification Process of OSI Group

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Donald McDonald has made a tremendous contribution to OSI Group McDonalds as the Chief Operations Officer. The way the company is designed is in such a way that every team member gets an opportunity to grow, and that is how David moved from a Project Manager to become the Chief Operations Manager and President of…

Brian Torchin Is In The Staffing Business

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In order to be successful, one must have the desire and drive to attain it. Brian Torchin is an individual that has found success in many different areas over the course of his career, including business owner, entrepreneur, author, and medical professional. Brian has been focused on the medical industry for more than a decade…

How the Partnership with McDonalds Impacted the History of OSI Group

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From humble beginnings as a corner butcher shop, OSI Group became a leading multinational food provider. The company was launched at the beginning of the 20th century in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a member of the German-immigrant community of Chicago. The small retail meat market and butcher shop experienced stability in the following years and…

Shiraz Boghani The Co-founder and the CEO of Splendid Hospitality

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Shiraz Boghani is recognized as the chairman of Sojourn Hotel LLP. He is also renowned as a co-founder of various Hotels. Mr. Shiraz also works as the partner and a co-founder of the famous Sussex Healthcare. He has also served as the director as well as the managing partner of Splendid Hotels for quite a…

Ryan Seacrest Successful Career Life

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Ryan Seacrest, a top professional who has been doing so well in his career. Many know him as one of the prominent personalities in the media. For a long time now, the serial entrepreneur has been the host of one of the most popular series in the world, known as American Idol. As the series…

Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of Care

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For over two decades Sussex Healthcare has been providing care to elderly and other adults in need of specialised care. It operates facilities on the southern coast of England . Its two joint chairmen ­— Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina — have brought their divergent skills and backgrounds to Sussex Healthcare. The combination of Boghani’s…

The Innovative Counsellor, Michael Hagele

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Michael Hagele attended University of California, Berkeley for a degree in law. On completion, he pursued Business Administration from University of Lowa. He began his career as a lawyer representing several technology companies such as the aerospace, defense, biotechnology and internet. Michael, majorly tackled issues to do with governing corporate, merger and acquisition, intellectual property…

Gulf Coast Western Both a Business and a Community Leader

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Though Gulf Coast Western has gradually grown over its near 50-year existence, the firm still sets aside time for both its employees and toward local communities. This company, which first began in Dallas back in 1970, officially serves as a developer of oil and gas reserves in the central part of the U.S. Gulf Coast…

The Life and Business Engagements of DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani

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Today, Hussain Sajwani stands out as one of the world’s richest Arabs. He is the tenth richest Arab which means that he is massively wealthy regarding the availability of monetary resources. As a way of strengthening his financial base and doing business, Hussain Sajwani is presently looking to extend his presence in Asia. His past…

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