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Chainsmokers, Musical Discourse

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The Chainsmokers are a regular and average two guys who have achieve above average and extrodinady things with their talent and well honed and practiced musical skills which they now distribute worldwide to everyone who wants to play some music to enhance their lives and ultimately provide very high quality entertainment. The two met inside…

Sergio Cortes And His Life As MJ

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Sergio Cortes did an interview with NoticiasR7. Cortes is a man that is very well know because he is an amazing Micheal Jackson impersonator. Cortes spoke about his career as a Michael Jackson impersonator and also about how he came into the career when he was just a young boy. Cortes was originally born in…


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To all of you impersonators and mimickers trying to ace the Michael Jackson look, Sergio Cortes has a message. Please stop, he is the best there is, and you can take a rest. Why do you ask? Let’s take a look at the numbers. • He has amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube! That’s…

Maher Takes the Mic

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Bill Maher has hosted a nightly news show covering day to day political topics for a while now. Maher has always carried himself as an outspoken voice when it came to American politics period it was of no surprise when Bill Maher and his guests called out the media for their coverage the tragedy that…

Rihanna May Make Cargo Pants Hot Again

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Rihanna has been able to get away with having her own style, even if the style is something no one else would ever touch. It doesn’t matter what Rihanna wears because someone is bound to copy the style. Another thing about Rihanna is the fact that if she wears something today, it may be front…

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Breakup

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Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been together for only 8 months, but their relationship seems to have lasted much longer considering the two started as friends and once they became and item they were everywhere. Unlike many famous couples Ariana and Big Sean didn’t insist on hiding their relationship or make the media think…

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