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Lori Senecal is the Most Qualified Candidate for Expanding CP+B

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Lori Senecal may be a self-described introvert, but she knows how to lead. She has obviously overcome her shyness to some degree. She had to in order to rise to the position of global CEO for CP+B. This a marketing agency that has quietly become a leader in the marketing industry. Long before Lori Senecal…

Bruce Levenson, an American-Based Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

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Born on October 1st, 1949 in Washington, D.C., Mr. Bruce Levenson is an American businessman as well as a philanthropist. He is the former owner of NBA basketball team. He co-owned Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks LLC, the owner and manager of Atlanta Hawks. In 2004, Bruce served as the governor of Hawks on the…

The Inspiring Success of Marc Sparks

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Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm. Building companies is his focus. He enjoys building businesses from the ground up. He creates both short-term and long-term goals for his companies and makes sure the culture of the company is a healthy one. He has played…

BMG’s Leader Ricardo Guimarães Talks Bank Changes

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As the financial leader for the BMG bank, Ricardo Guimarães has been able to create a great deal of opportunities for the bank. He has allowed the bank to sponsor different athletes, has given people the chance to work for the bank who may not have had a chance in the past and has created…

Man Of Pride

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Learning The Ropes When we are all children some of us wish to be in the world of business until we are dead.Now yes that does sound weird when you look at it but when you take a person who is willing to stand behind this belief you have a human that is willing to…

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