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Stream Energy helps spread green energy use while contributing to good causes

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If you live in the Southern United States, the chances are good that you’ve heard of Stream Energy. As one of the region’s most innovative energy companies, Stream Energy has helped millions of people make the transition from dirty old fossil fuels to clean, advanced forms of energy. Stream Energy has been one of the…

George Soros on the Chinese debt-fueled economy

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George Soros is an American based billionaire and philanthropist who has had great success in the financial markets. In recent weeks, George Soros has talked about the financial and economic situation that China is experiencing. The Chinese economy on is closely tied to the global markets; therefore, investors need to be very cautious about…

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Making Progress

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The city of Newark has faced its share of challenges over the years. Like many older American cities, Newark has seen its population decline and some of its infrastructure fall into disrepair. The main thing that can help combat this type of decline is economic development. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has been tasked…

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