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Koch brothers committed to deal with poverty and education quality issues

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Koch Family is an American family, business people, industrialists, and philanthropists. They are recognized for their role in the political activities in the United States and hey own and control the Koch industries. Koch brothers who include Charles Koch and David Koch, have been involved in philanthropic activities for a couple of times. For instance,…

Learn More About the Struggles and Achievements of Yeonmi Park

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Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea and also a human rights activist on She escaped to China in 2007, and she settled in South Korea in 2009. Her family is well educated and politically connected that had turned to black market trading in 1990’s during the collapse of North Korea. When her…

How Women Can Emulate Susan Mcgalla’s Success in Business

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Recent years have seen an increased number of women joining the business world. They have established a number of businesses and are also charged with the running of many businesses. Succeeding as a businesswoman is not easy. An aspiring businesswoman must be well prepared before venturing into the area. The tips below will help aspiring…

How Investment Banking Institutions Help Companies Raise Capital

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The finance industry offers many opportunities to start an exciting and rewarding career. And investment banking is one of the areas which attracts a lot of attention. It’s a high profile section of the industry because of the business areas that it covers, such as mega-bond offerings, arranging stock market listings, and takeovers for companies…

FreedomPop Foregoes Sale

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FreedomPop is one of the biggest up and coming mobile ‘freemium’ carriers on the market and that made them a popular company to aim to buy. For the past few weeks, as reported by Recode, FreedomPop has been waffling back and forth on the idea as to whether or not they should sell their company…

Organo Gold Wins Top Honors In The Philippines

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Bernardo Chua and his Organo Gold team were honored in Manila recently with Bayan awards for the people’s choice of the nation. PR Newswire first reported this story, and they noted that Mr. Chua was able to get to the ceremony just in time on short notice. once he was there, he was able to…

Enjoy Free Phone And Internet Through FreedomPop

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Too many people today are having problems with their cell phone provider, or internet service provider. Sometimes, the internet service provider, and the cell phone service provider, are the same company. Many think they are saving money when they pay for two services on one bill, only to find out that they are overpaying. Instead…

Top Characters and People Brought Alive in 2014

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There were a lot of amazing movies in 2014 if you ask Bruce Levenson and some were even better than the others because they revived certain characters in the minds of people. These characters were sometimes fictional and at other times, real people and some movies did a marvelous job in making them shine. The…

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Man Working Towards a Warp Drive in His Garage Dave Pares has converted his garage into a home lab to explore what has been a dream for fans of Star Trek since the show first aired in the 1960’s. Warp drive is the holy grail of space travel. Scientists the world over realize that while rockets…

Horror Comedy Scream Queens

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Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis will star in the new Fox show Scream Queens. Exciting news for Vijay Eswaran who loves these things. The fact that this duo will be the stars of a horror comedy is very fitting, considering that Curtis’ acting debut was Halloween, and Roberts is currently starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show and has…

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