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Lake Tahoe’s Andy Wirth Learns To ‘Just Breathe’

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Pearl Jam’s song ‘Just Breathe’ may have saved Andy Wirth’s life. Andy is the CEO and also the President of the Squaw Valley Resort in the Lake Tahoe area. He can ‘high five’ people about it now, but only about one year ago he nearly lost an arm, and very nearly his life. He has…

Bringing Back Smiles

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The GoFundMe campaign was launched to kick off Operation Smile, which is an international organization that offers medical assistance. In this case, free surgical procedures are provided to the children and young adults who suffer from facial deformities, cleft palate as well as cleft lips. Avi Weisfogel announced the launch of the campaign with the…

Cleaner homes than before!

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We are all familiar with the phrase “cleanlinessis next to godliness”. Am not trying to be religious but emphasize on the fact that cleanliness is associated with some supreme being depending on which one you believe in. kids spill drinks on the carpet, accidents are caused by our pets not to talk about our teenage…

Economist Want To Know How Equal Do We All Want To Be In A Democracy

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A recent study by Princeton University is going to change the way the nation looks at the political system in America. Researchers discovered that the United States is not a democracy anymore. It is an Oligarchy. Yep, the rich have the power and the money and the people have squat. Democracy is falling apart before…

The Professional Legacy of Stephen P. Murray

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The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital firm and its CEO ranked in 2007 as the 17th largest private equity firm in the world and had total assets exceeding $12 billion according to Bloomberg. He resigned from CCMP in February 2015 for health reasons, leaving Greg Brenneman as chairman, president, and CEO of the firm. Murray was…

How to edit newly created content on Wikipedia

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To make a Wikipedia Article, the author gets two editing options: wikitext and visual editor. The type of editor to be used is determined by the type of article written. Depending on the mistakes on the article, the author may decide to perform a minor or major edit. After editing, the author is required to…

More and More Go Organic

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Just go into any local supermarket and you’ll find whole sections devoted to organic produce, items and products. You might see labels on items that claim that they’re organic or non-GMO, which means that these items are not made using modified crops or ingredients. The rise of organic foods is becoming huge and it’s almost a…

Is China Updating its Military or Is It Preparing For War?

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China has been recasting itself for the world stage and many believe that China is poised to be the pivotal global super power over the next generation. While the Chinese economy still lags behind the robust gross domestic product of the United States, it is growing at an alarming rate and could take over the…

Tornados Strike in Illinois and Leave Much Wreckage

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Tornadoes have demolished several areas in Illinois. There is one person who lost her life and 11 people were injured during these horrific tornados that touched down on Thursday, April 9. The woman that had been found dead in her home in Fairdale is 67 years old. She was not found in her basement. Her…

A Man Goes Free After Spending 30 Years Awaiting Execution

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Anthony Ray Hinton today characterized the situation which caused him to remain on death row for 30 years in Alabama as a miscarriage of justice for both himself the the families of two murder victims. He was convicted of two 1985 homicides of fast food restaurant managers in Birmingham, Alabama and sentenced to death three…

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