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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s impact on Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea is a disorder where a person’s breathing stops and starts during sleep due to the back of the throat collapsing during sleep, which blocks the airway. A lack of oxygen might result in poor sleep and daytime fatigue. Major symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring or choking during sleep. Sleep apnea also leads…

The Best Assisted Living Facility In San Luis Obispo

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The type of assisted living facility that people would select when they retire will affect both their health and lifestyle. Why? Because not all facilities are created equal. Some facilities exist with only money in mind. Only a few provide the right infrastructure that seniors and people with health conditions are looking for and one…

Brian Mulligan: Creator Of The Mulligan Concept Of Manual Therapy

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Brian Mulligan is a trained physiotherapist from New Zealand who is best known for creating the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He began his career as a qualified physical therapist in 1954 after completing the required courses at the NZ School of Physiotherapy. Two years after receiving his qualifications, Mr. Mulligan opened his own private…

Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags

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Hawaii Is The First State In The Nation To Ban Plastic and Non-Compostable Bags “If you plan to shop in Hawaii any time soon, you better bring your own bags to your favorite retail stores” a statement from Bruce Levenson who visited Hawaii few days ago. Hawaii has banned the use of plastic bags. Less…

North American Spine Gets Covered on Good Morning Texas

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North American Spine is the pioneer company behind the AccuraScope procedure and the whole world is beginning to take notice, or at least those tuning in to Good Morning Texas’s television network, WFAA. PR Newswire first broke information onth e segment that featured Dr. Basem Abdelfattah — a Pain Specialist with North American Spine who…

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