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Brian Mulligan: Creator Of The Mulligan Concept Of Manual Therapy

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Brian Mulligan is a trained physiotherapist from New Zealand who is best known for creating the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He began his career as a qualified physical therapist in 1954 after completing the required courses at the NZ School of Physiotherapy. Two years after receiving his qualifications, Mr. Mulligan opened his own private…

Kenneth Griffin And Citadel LLC Bounce Back And Grow In The 21st Century

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The 2008 economic slowdown has had a huge impact on how the world views the financial industry across the globe. For Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC the problems of 2008 have proven a solid learning experience that has seen the world view of the company change as they bounced back from the crash of the…

Captured Convict Begins to Shed Light on Prison Escape

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Captured escaped convict David Sweat has begun to shed light on the dramatic prison escape in upstate New York that has made international headlines. The convicted killer was captured last Sunday when a veteran sergeant noticed a suspicious man walking along a road in the town of Constable less than two miles from the US…

Clinton Correctional Facility Under Investigation

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The New York prison that housed the two escaped inmates is now under investigation for corruption. According to reports, the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York is under close watch from the FBI. Accusations of possible corruption scandals amongst the staff are circulating. According to FBI officials and Zeca Oliveira, they believed to uncover other…

Bo Ryan Leaves a Legacy Behind

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Bo Ryan is going to retire after spending years as the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. He’ll coach the next season before he calls it quits. Ryan is in his late 60s right now. While Wisconsin fans are bound to be sad about the news, they should really be happy that Ryan is going…

Greek Banks Shut Down for Week

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All the banks in Greece are shutting down this whole week. The Greek banks were seeking a bailout for their failing banks, however the European Central Bank has refused to help them out which has led to the shutdown. The banks have already been bailed out once, and are seeking to be bailed out a…

Bills Could Be the AFC East Surprise

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It may seem farfetched that Rex Ryan could actually turn the Buffalo Bills from last season’s loser, into this season’s winner. But hey this is the National Football League and stranger things have happened. This is not to say it is going to be easy, even if Tom Brady is suspended for all four of…

A Trooper Helped A Lost, Elderly Woman Get Home

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An elderly woman had gone out for coffee on her motorized scooter one day when she got lost. According to Beneful a trooper came along and escorted her home, keeping their lights on on the car as they drove beside her at six miles per hour. They wanted her to get back safely. They wanted…

The Fabric of Technology

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Tailoring is an industry that has remained unchanged for quite a long time. It has been almost two hundred years since the last revolutionary discovery was made in the world of tailoring and weaving, and conventional methods of tailoring have had no room for advancement. As we as a society come to an age where…

Purina Showcases Benefits of Beneful

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Purina launched a campaign in St. Louis today showcasing not only the success of their Beneful line of dog food, but also the men and women who make it and feed it to their own pets. Drawing attention to the workers at Purina’s factory in Atlanta, the company is working hard to make sure potential…

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