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How White Shark Media Has Used Its Complaints To Improve

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Experts believe that it’s not the compliments that make a company but the complaints that they receive. A lot of companies might choose to brush past their complaints but those that actually sit down and take note of their customer’s problems get success in both short and long term. White Shark Media is a testament…

White Shark Media Increases Adwords Knowledge

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White Shark Media has been pretty good about helping people learn a lot about Google Adwords. Many people who have hired White Shark Media has had their knowledge of Adwords drastically increased. Knowledge of Adwords is very important for the success of an advertising campaign. There are tons of things that need to be learned…

How Can You Go Wrong

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The Basics It does not matter where you start but how you start is what makes the difference between failure an success.When you begin to start you small business or large its your choice you want to get the right advertisement to be able to have your name out there for people to see your…

FreedomPop Seeks to Expand Global Reach

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Founder and CO Steven Sesar has spoken extensively about how he hopes his company, FreedomPop, can become global players in the mobile carrier marketplace. For the better part of the last few years the talk of the town in L.A. has been focused on how hot and quickly FreedomPop has risen up through the ranks….

IRS Issues Warning About Tax Scams

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The IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, has issued a warning about tax scams that proliferate in April. Specifically, con artists will call people claiming to be from the IRS and also claiming that the person they’ve called owes them money. According to Koskinen, there’s a very easy way to tell that these people are scam artists…

Enjoy Free Phone And Internet Through FreedomPop

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Too many people today are having problems with their cell phone provider, or internet service provider. Sometimes, the internet service provider, and the cell phone service provider, are the same company. Many think they are saving money when they pay for two services on one bill, only to find out that they are overpaying. Instead…

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