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The Contributions Of Ricardo Guimarães

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Ricardo Guimarães is a famous Brazilian businessman, and he grew up in Belo Horizonte. He’s the CEO of Banco BMG, and Banco BMG is one of Brazil’s most important financial institutions, and it’s one of the owners of Itaú Unibanco. An English Version Of A Article About The Award Ceremony For Ricardo Guimarães That…

Ricardo Tosto- Prominent Business Lawyer in Brazil

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Brazil is governed by a system of government that follows the constitution. The constitution in Brazil was passed about 30 years ago. The constitution is the supreme law in the country and it outlines all the responsibilities that the government is to carry out as well as outlining the laws that will be followed in…

Ricardo Tosto – A Man That Has Deftness

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Ricardo Tosto is the agent of Brazilian law strategies. He began from somewhat firm, progressed among century associations and in just over three years years his office had the greatest achievements in Brazil. He surrounded enormous quantities of his present accomplices, who joined the firm as understudies. Particularly manages the organization of the most basic…

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Powerful Advocate for Brazilian Private Banks

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One can become a lawyer In Brazil after completing two steps. The first step is that one must earn a BA degree in Law from a university recognized by the Ministry of Education (Minístro da Educação – MEC). It is common to complete this first step of getting a Law degree in 5 years. The…

Bruno Fagali: An Advocate for Transparency in Contract Bidding

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TThroughout his preliminary years of practicing law, Bruno Fagali has built a reputation of producing positive results in the area of regulations and compliance. With over a decade of practicing administrative law, Bruno Fagali’s primary focus has been on improving the ethics and transparency of regulatory and bidding law. In addition, Fagali has worked with…

Ricardo Tosto on Brazilian Business Law

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There are two major types of legal incorporation of business in Brazil, aside from sole proprietorships and family businesses. Major corporations generally fall into one of two categories: S.A.’s (anonymous societies) or Ltda.’s (limited companies). Limited companies are covered by the Brazilian Civil Code whereas anonymous societies are governed by a specific federal law that…

Finding a Good Business Lawyer in Brazil

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Are you looking for a business litigation lawyer in Brazil? Dealing with a complex business matter that requires litigation? Business disputes can be stressful and those involved in disputes are often desperately searching for ways to arrive at a resolution for their conflict.   If you are facing a business litigation issue in Brazil, there…

Lawyers in Brazil: Steps To Hiring A Good Lawyer

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Before hiring a lawyer to represent you, you’ll want to perform some preparation work to ensure that you seek out the right type of lawyer and to make sure that you hire the right lawyer to handle your case. It can often be nerve wracking to meet with a lawyer, especially if the matter you…

Lawyers in Brazil: A Powerful Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

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If you are dealing with a complex or challenging legal issue, You will need a good lawyer on your side. It is a good idea to get the best lawyer you can find. A good advice to keep in mind if you are going to hire a lawyer soon is to take the time to…

Female Leaders Making Inroads For Women In The Corporate World

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Helane Morrison is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for women in the corporate world. That is because the advocate of greater inclusion of women in top level positions in finance is now at the top herself at Hall Capital in San Fransisco, California. She along with two other…

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