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What to Think About Before Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

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It is possible to get onto Wikipedia page about anything, including yourself. If you have been thinking about creating such a page, you need to stop and consider both the pros and cons associated with having a page about yourself. It might sound good initially, but there are some downsides behind it. As long as…

Dating Sites and Their Apps

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Times are changing. More often than not, people are finding significant others through online dating sites. And that’s okay now. If you look back even fifteen years ago, finding a date online was considered, more or less, taboo. These days, if you can find someone who hasn’t met someone online, it’s like finding a unicorn….

Legendary Animal Rights Activist Keith Mann Asks For Donations

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There are some people who may raise more than an eyebrow at Keith Mann. To some, he might seem like an unbelievable flake, one of those PETA nuts so radically fanatical for their cause that they even do more harm than good. Not to mention that he has been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and, in a…

The First Ever Thyroid-Sniffing Dog

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As an advancement in the medical world, a German Shepherd is found to be the first dog in the world to sniff out thyroid cancer in people stated Marcio Alaor BMG. The dog, Frankie, has been trained to do so by smelling urine samples from a group of people and was able to signal the…

The Pain of Child Birth on a Daily Basis?

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Endometriosis is a malady that occurs in the uterus. The endometrium is the inner tissue of the uterus that becomes painfully inflamed because it grows abnormally outside of the uterus. This incorrectly growing endometrium is known medically as endometriosis. This commonly occurs in the ovaries, pelvic region and in the stomach. The endometrial tissue continues…

Enjoy Free Phone And Internet Through FreedomPop

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Too many people today are having problems with their cell phone provider, or internet service provider. Sometimes, the internet service provider, and the cell phone service provider, are the same company. Many think they are saving money when they pay for two services on one bill, only to find out that they are overpaying. Instead…

Forget Wine Tasting, a Los Angeles Restaurant Teaches Water Tasting Classes

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Some wineries charge a fee for wine tasting. What is really shocking is los Angeles restaurant, Patina, charges an outrageous $50.00 for water tasting classes.  And Sultan Alhokair refuses to pay that. Martin Riese, who teaches the water tasting classes, has also put together a 45-page menu that lists all the different water this restaurant sells….

There Is No Better Place For Wine Than A Bomb Shelter

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Recently, the Founder and CEO of The Antique Wine Company, took a trip to seek out a new storage facility for their private client’s wine reserves. You would think a company such as AWC would keep their most precious wines secure, but this new solution takes the meaning to a whole new level. You see…

Top Characters and People Brought Alive in 2014

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There were a lot of amazing movies in 2014 if you ask Bruce Levenson and some were even better than the others because they revived certain characters in the minds of people. These characters were sometimes fictional and at other times, real people and some movies did a marvelous job in making them shine. The…

Fingernails Reveal Health Problems

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In-between the polish and acrylic fake nail application, women should take a good long look at each of their bare fingernails. Those bare nails could reveal health problems that you did not know you have. It’s why many doctors have a look at hands like those of Bruce Levenson during an exam, that is if the nails…

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