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Why CROs and Compliant Officers like Helane Morrison are Critical in the Corporate Word

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The role of chief risk officers (CROs) is getting broader as financial companies change their perspective on risk. Apart from technical expertise, which is critical for the job, CROs are now expected to bring leadership and strategic thinking to the job. Traditionally, CRO jobs were synonymous with insurance companies. However, this situation changed with the…

When George Soros Makes an Economic Prediction, Investors Listen

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When George Soros makes an economic prediction, investors are sure to listen. The reason why is he has had more than four decades worth of success, and his financial empire now nets at about $27 billion. However, is his latest warning of a repeat of the 2008 market crash valid? Currently, other economic advisors are…

Joseph Bismark Pledges to Uphold Human Rights

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Yahoo Finance recently released an article about the QI Group as a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Within this adoption, QI pledged to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices under the UN initiative at the 2015 CSR summit. The accepting of the principles of human…

The Middle Class Could be 10 Billion Richer

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President Obama wants middle America paid time and a half for anything over 40 hours a week reports Reddit. By executive decision the president will order the Fair Labor Standards Act increased from just under $24,000 a year to just over $50,000 a year. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets a threshold on salary based…

Hobbes Goes Exploring in Tampa Airport

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Since 1985, children of all ages have enjoyed the adventures of a little six-year-old boy named Calvin and his stuffed tiger “Hobbes” in the the daily Bill Watterson comic strip titled “Calvin and Hobbes.” As reported yesterday, Wednesday, June 17, the employees at the Tampa International Airport understand the importance of imagination in child development….

From Military Base to Nature Reserves

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Over 60 military bases in Germany have been reported to soon be transformed into nature reserves where wildlife can persist. The German Government has agreed to transform these military bases into sanctuaries for rare bird species. Thanks to the government, the armed forces has made it possible for over 76,600 acres of forests, marshes, meadows and moors…

Parents Follow Through with Deceased Son’s Wish

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Mohamed Fofana was tragically killed on a school field trip with his fourth grade class. The 10-year-old and his class were out looking for fossils near his home in St. Paul, Minnesota when the bluff they were under collapsed. Mohamed’s parents, along with other parents whose children had also been killed or injured during the…

Over a Hundred Trees Planted for Each Female Birth

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Different cultures celebrate the birth of a child in a different way. There are some cultures where the birth of a daughter is not a positive thing. There are some places where the birth of a daughter would not be celebrated. One village in India, though, is celebrating the birth of all females in the…

A Woman Wants To Row Her Boat From Japan To San Francisco Alone

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Sonya Baumstein Wants To Row 6,000 Miles Alone Without A Support Vessel Some people believe Sonya Baumstein is crazy. They might be right, but crazy people do some pretty amazing things. Baumstein had done some crazy things, and she has been successful. Sonya rode her bike from Mexico to San Francisco in 2013. She travel across the…

Teen with Down Syndrome wants to Model

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Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old redhead with big dreams- to become a model. While many 18-year-old girls have the same goal, Maddy has something that makes her stand out from the other hopefuls. Maddy has Down syndrome. Recently, with the help of her mother, Maddy has lost 44 pounds. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought that…

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