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The Pain of Child Birth on a Daily Basis?

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Endometriosis is a malady that occurs in the uterus. The endometrium is the inner tissue of the uterus that becomes painfully inflamed because it grows abnormally outside of the uterus. This incorrectly growing endometrium is known medically as endometriosis. This commonly occurs in the ovaries, pelvic region and in the stomach. The endometrial tissue continues…

Colorado Spends a Million of the Marijuana Taxes

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Libertarians have long spoke about making Marijuana completely legal. The most common argument towards the movement was that the money that could be made from taxes of Marijuana sales would be available to fund many government programs. Now that several states have deregulation of the drug, with some states voting for out-right legalization, the verdicts…

Move Over, Mustache

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Why so much vitriol about the mustache? Why has this once proud symbol of masculinity fallen out of favor? It’s because many modern women do not think it’s sexy. In fact they think it’s creepy. A recent article in Jezebel postulates. Why mustaches have not made the comeback the beard has is mystifying to many….

Cop Kills Woman by Slapping Her Onto the Pavement. Family Witnessed

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A police officer slammed an African American woman on the concrete. The Cleveland Police Officer slammed a 37 year old woman’s head on the concrete which ended up killing her. He did so right outside her family’s house. The woman, Tanesha Anderson, was announced deceased after the attack from the Ohio Cop. SHe was pronounced…

Brown Student Raped with GHB

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A female student tested positive for a common date-rape drug, known as GHB, after attending a fraternity party at Brown University. The party was held on October 17th, by the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. An email was sent out by Brown University administrators. Sexual assaults and rape claims in college campuses are usually not reported….

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