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Top Characters and People Brought Alive in 2014

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There were a lot of amazing movies in 2014 if you ask Bruce Levenson and some were even better than the others because they revived certain characters in the minds of people. These characters were sometimes fictional and at other times, real people and some movies did a marvelous job in making them shine. The…

Horror Comedy Scream Queens

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Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis will star in the new Fox show Scream Queens. Exciting news for Vijay Eswaran who loves these things. The fact that this duo will be the stars of a horror comedy is very fitting, considering that Curtis’ acting debut was Halloween, and Roberts is currently starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show and has…

Can’t Get Enough of Kim

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America’s obsession with Kim Kardashian even extends overseas as hungry fans can now get a great taste of Kim by purchasing a cake pop version of Kim Kardashian and her famous butt in Yorkshire, England. While most people still don’t know why she or her family is famous, the reality is that the Internet goes…

Miranda Lambert Dominates a Historic Night at the CMA’s

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The 2014 Country Music Awards brought a number of pop acts onto the stage as Miranda Lambert became the first woman to win five female vocalist of the year awards, ABC reports. Lambert took home four awards in total as she dominated a night that saw Luke Bryan finally receive a CMA in the form…

Top Healthcare Facilities

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