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OSI Group Humble Beginnings

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OSI Group is currently one of the popular names in the food industry. The organization is considered to be the largest and most successful food processing company that is currently operating in the global market. The company has been offering employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand individuals who are based in different parts of…

David McDonald: President of OSI Group

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About David McDonald David McDonald is the President of OSI Group which is a company that specialises in the supply of value-added proteins. His love for agriculture can be traced from his childhood. He grew up on a farm where he was actively involved in the farming activities. He became obsessed with the idea of…

President of OSI Group David McDonald & His Success in Foodservices

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Have you ever heard of a foodservice provider that’s known as OSI Group? Well, if you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. OSI Group is a premier food service provider that has more than 20,000 employees. The company is based in the United States, and it is one of largest private companies of this great…

David McDonald, OSI & More

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Well-known entrepreneur David G. McDonald has many interests. He is presently working with several different companies. He is currently the official CEO or chief operating officer as well as the president of the Washington, D.C.-ensconced corporation named the OSI Group, LLC. “Dave” McDonald is now 53 years old. He presently also sits on the board…

David McDonald Guides the OSI Group to Outstanding Accomplishments

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Mr. David G. McDonald currently works at the OSI Group- a privately held global food processor as both the president and the Chief Operating Officer. The businessman took his education at the Lowa State University between 1983 and 1987 pursuing a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While at the school, he received the Wallace E….

OSI Group’s Incredible Continuous Growth

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OSI Group holds an excellent reputation as a company that deals with meat processing, with many different products to serve their customers. The products include sausages, bacon, frozen beef, cooked beef and pork, raw beef and much more. The products available serve any meal, that is, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snack time….

Sheldon Lavin, Family Man and Global Food Industry Leader

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  To say OSI Group’s CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin is a family man would be an understatement. Lavin was married to his wife of 55 years, and had three children, who are all married now with children. Although Lavin is now in his 80’s and a successful business tycoon, he still feels people are…

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