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Omar Yunes, Best Franchisee of the Year and Diverse Entrepreneur

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Winner of Best Franchisee of the Year Omar Yunes won the title and award for Best Franchisee of the World, at the event held in Florence, Italy in December, 2015. Yunes, franchisee and owner of 13 restaurants of the Sushi Itto Japanese food franchise, became a franchisee of the chain when he was 21 years…

Developing Innovative Financial Solutions

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Financial solutions are tailored for different people with different needs. A financial solution that is tailor-made to equip people with short-term loans is convenient. It enables people to earn easy and fast financial solutions. This will enable the people to be economically independent. Double Rock Foundation provides the solutions for young entrepreneurs that seek soft…

Honey Birdette Love Products

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There are many people who want to open up a business for themselves. In Australia, the economy is starting to pick up steam as more people than ever before open up companies. One of the most interesting is Honey Birdette. This is the first company in the country that is just about love products. There…

Cassio Audi: A Financial Professional for Brazil’s Investments

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Cassio Audi is a financial manager who portrays outstanding leadership, communication, and interpersonal services for all investors. He has completed his education with a BA in Pontifical Catholic University and a MBA from Sao Paulo University. His extensive experience includes financial planning, investor relations, and business strategies for many different companies. He has over twenty-three…

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces New Partnership

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently announced a new partnership that has the potential to greatly improve the treatment experience for their patients. They have partnered with Nanthealth and Allscripts to create an innovative new oncology treatment platform. The platform is known as Clinical Pathways. It will include all of the approved treatment…

Investment Management in Brazil under the leadership of Cassio Audi

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An Overview of Brazil’s Economy Brazil holds the eighth position worldwide with regard to its investment management. It has a very broad economy with all categories of industries including mining, agribusiness, retail, oil, and gas among others. The country has a proficient team that manages its assets effectively. Brazil’s location is also an advantageous factor…

White Shark Media – A Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner in the US

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White Shark Media, a Miami based Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in providing outstanding online marketing solutions for both small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is a fast growing digital agency in North America. The secret behind their steady growth is – cost-effective search marketing campaigns and outstanding customer service at the same time.  …

Changing Others Like Keith Mann

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There are a lot of people who have had financial success in life. However, few people have been able to have success helping other people like Keith Mann. Over the past couple of years, he has done a great job of scaling up his company to help other people. In fact, he recently announced that…

BMG Is A Highly Reliable Bank In Brazil

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Are you thinking about switching banks? Considering opening a business or personal account at BMG? BMG is a popular bank in Brazil, with numerous customers from all walks of life. The bank has been rendering outstanding services for many years, and has established a great reputation in the industry. If you’re looking for information about…

Dan Newlin to The Rescue

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Have you been in a car accident? Has someone you love experienced wrongful death? Do you live in Florida or Illinois? Well, Dan Newlin may be the guy for you. Dan Newlin is a well known attorney who is serious about his work. He is successful in his field because of his experience, hard work,…

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