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Cancer Treatment Centers of America have always provided cutting-edge treatment for their patients. Their new partnership will allow that to continue. Through their partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth, doctors will be able to customize treatment plans for their patients. This will allow them to better serve the needs of their patients, by ensuring that each treatment plan is specifically catered to the type of cancer each patient has. Unlike most cancer treatment plans, that take a one-size-fits-all approach, the new partnership will allow for greater flexibility when choosing an appropriate course-of-action for each patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America aren’t just about curing cancer, though. They’re about helping each patient adjust to their changing health problems, and allowing them to take control of the treatment they receive. During their treatment, patients are encouraged to eat healthy, by providing fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown right on the property. When their strength allows patients are also encouraged to spend some time tending the gardens, so that they can get some much-needed fresh air, and a brief break from their rigorous treatment schedules.

During treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, patients are encouraged to get their families involved. Family involvement helps everyone feel more secure and hopeful about the treatment their loved-ones are receiving. That’s why the new partnership is so important. The patient will know that the treatment their doctors are recommending is geared directly towards their specific needs. Families will know that their loved-ones are being treated as an individual, with unique health needs.

A new political group by the name End Citizens United launched its operations in the American political landscape. The group’s primary mission was electing the right political leaders in America. End Citizens United has raised over $2 million over the past years. This amount was from small donors. The group is set to raise over $25 million according to the communications director Mr. Richard Carbo. As a political pacesetter, the primary intention of the committee is passing a constitutional amendment set to reverse the critical ruling made by the high court in 2010. End Citizens United has been fighting to have a name in the political landscape. Towards this agenda, the group has amassed over 325,000 donors who have signed the petition demanding for legislation. There are high chances of the number rising depending on the political atmosphere of the states.




Faced with the challenge of combating a rigged political system, End Citizens United managed to collect more than $ 4 million in mid-2017. The group is committed to amassing over $ 35 million in 2018. The amount will be useful in facilitating the 2018 elections given that in the 2016 general elections, End Citizens United garnered $25 million. This was a reflection of the group’s commitment to chairing the political landscape given that it was the first election they were participating in since the establishment.




According to Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United, more than 90,000 individuals have pledged to commit to the group. The same number has made their first contribution towards the same course. In this year alone, over 40,000 individuals have made their first contribution. End Citizens United is committed to making sure that the elected candidates are cheerleaders for campaign finance reforms. The group has been feeling that the current cabinet and the president of the United States are undermining them. To take matters into their hands, they are set to contribute a substantial amount of money towards ending a corrupt leadership regime. End Citizens United supports Democrats.




A few months ago, the group mobilized contributors into donating towards the election of Jon Ossoff. Jon is a political contender for Georgia. He is a first-time candidate who surprised his counterparts after giving more than $4 million towards his election. Jon is seeking to replace Tom Prince following his election as health as well as human resource secretary. Muller stated that the team highly supports the election of Jon and that they will do anything to have the right people in office.




End Citizens United is a political action group set to combat corrupt leadership in the American political landscape. The group derived its name from the decision to implement the committee made by the Supreme Court in 2010. The group’s agenda is electing leaders who are elected fairly.




John Goullet is a man who has been in the IT Staffing industry, he has a great and long experience thus an expertise in the field. All this makes him also an entrepreneur who has been working hard in his business. In his higher education, John achieved a master’s degree in computer science from Ursinus College. Right away from college John Goullet started working as an IT Consultant. This became a piece of cake to him and as a result, he began his business in IT Staffing. This was also a success and Info Technologies was born.


Info Technologies has the responsibility of finding solutions that deal with IT staffing for various companies. Over 500 companies have been helped by Info Technologies. This company is successful because in 5 years it was able to accomplish $30 million and it had the opportunity of appearing on the Inc Magazine as the top private US Company that has grown in few years. After a while, the firm joined Diversant Inc and as accomplished companies, they became Diversant LLC. As the principal of Diversant LLC, John Goulett works on creating new strategies. The success of the firm is also due to the hard work of the staff members who have always committed themselves to achieve more success.


Some of the roles of the employees are ensuring that they have their customers increased thus their financial status can also increase. IT staffing sometimes may be difficult to handle therefore to avoid this, employees are always alert in what they do so that they can be ready for any difficulty they may face.


John Goullet is grateful to the staff members because together they have the company developing to more prosperity. Goullet always counter checks on their services to make sure that they are okay and as a result, he is able to uphold their customers. Diversant LLC has so far received a certificate of minority-owned business due to its devotion to working hard. Furthermore, the profit f the organization has also been maintained. As a company, Diversant LLC follows up on their values to accomplish their objectives.

USHEALTH Advisors is the special arm of USHEALTH Group that specializes in marketing. The company markets the uncompromising health plans that are insured and underwritten by the USHEALTH Group and its affiliates. The organization has been in the market for a long time, and it has done very well. The professionals working at the institution target the individual Americans, small business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs. The dependents and employees of the self-employed individuals are also given an opportunity at the institution.

The USHEALTH Group and its family of companies have won the hearts of many because they only specialize in the diverse needs of the healthcare market. Because the group of businesses have served the consumer for more than thirty-five years, they understand what the customer wants. The products from the institution offer clients the support they need in the face of the costly health industry.

The company provides employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. Agents are very influential individuals in the institutions. They are given an innovative compensation to make them feel appreciated and serve customers perfectly. The agents get a commission every week in their first year of business. These professionals are also allowed to get monthly commissions and renewals to motivate them to serve the customer better.

If you want to work as an agent at USHEALTH Advisors, you can be assured of adequate support all the time. The customer care service in the institution will provide you with quick and also accurate responses to all the questions the clients are asking. Any questions concerning claims and policies is answered on time. There is a website for the clients where timely responses are given any time of the day.

To make the agents motivate all the time, USHEALTH Advisors offers its agents exciting bonus structures. These bonuses are given for all the agents. The qualifying levels for the bonuses in question are attained easily for the individuals who submit business. The organization has several avenues of communication to make all the information available to the agents in time. The sale force is always kept updated with all the new developments in the market. The free communication in the institution encourages the flow of new ideas to the company.

Andrew Rolfe has taken the helm of the Ubuntu Fund, and he is ensuring that the charity is giving better services to all children who need an education in South Africa. The country needs as many educational opportunities as possible for its kids, and this article explains how Andrew Rolfe is helping these kids learn. South Africa wants to see more kids going to college, more kids with basic skills and more kids in school every day.

#1: A Growing Economy

The growing economy in South Africa is in need of more people who are educated, and these young children must be given as many places to learn as possible. The Ubuntu Fund is quite improtant because it is investing more money in schools in the country. There are quite a few kids who benefit from what Andrew does, and he is raising more money than ever for the charity.

#2: The Ubuntu Fund Is Stronger

The Ubuntu Fund is quite important because it has become stronger under Andrew Rolfe. Andrew is one of the best people in the fundraising world, and he is asking all his donors to give without making any requests. He only takes donations that he may place into any part of the charity, and he will ensure that the children who need resources at that moment are given them. The child that wants to learn is allowed to, and the school that needs resources will receive them.

#3: Andrew’s Leadership

Andrew has a leadership role that ensures the Ubuntu Fund has been elevated. There are many people who are hoping to ensure that they may send their kids to better schools, and they trust in Andrew Rolfe because of his leadership skills. The child who goes to an Ubuntu Fund school will learn quite a lot, and they will have a better opportunity for the future.

Kids must be ready for jobs in South Africa, and Andrew Rolfe is managing the Ubuntu Fund to help all these kids. He wants to ensure that each child is learning in a safe and productive environment with the finest teachers.

Back in 2016 is when Paul Mampilly first joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves to this day as a senior editor, his specialty in helping Main Street Americans in numerous ways being his key to success. This would include Main Street Americans in finding wealth through technology, growth investing, small-caps stocks, and through specialized opportunities.

Paul Mampilly’s career first began in 1991, starting on Wall Street in a position as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. From there, he rapidly grew in success through coveted positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. This was where he responsibly managed some prominent multi-million dollar accounts and a position which eventually led Mampilly to further success in 2006, when the owners of Kinetics Asset Management recruited him into their $6 billion firm. At Kinetics Asset Management, he became responsible for managing the company’s hedge fund among similar responsibilities. Through his active leadership, the company rose in assets to $25 billion. It averaged a 26% annual return under Paul’s tenure and became named one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds.

Paul Mampilly was inevitably invited to participate in a highly esteemed competition put on by the Templeton Foundation, which he did well in, having started with a $50 million investment and turning it into $88 million over a single year. Not only was this a star accomplishment on its own right, but Mampilly accomplished such a return on investment during the financial crisis spanning between 2008 to 2009.

Such a successful run in his position as a financial pro on Wall Street eventually led Paul to want to move on to different things. He grew tired of doing work for only the 1% on Wall Street and “retired” from his position at the firm. Of course, he is still considered an investor but now he spends his time concentrating on helping the everyday man improve their own investments. With this goal in mind, he founded the newsletters titled Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. 2017 has a lot in store for Mampilly, as he’s releasing an all new research service called True Momentum. Leaving Wall Street behind to help everyday people has fueled Mampilly’s startups and he continues to reach new heights in his individual career.

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TThroughout his preliminary years of practicing law, Bruno Fagali has built a reputation of producing positive results in the area of regulations and compliance. With over a decade of practicing administrative law, Bruno Fagali’s primary focus has been on improving the ethics and transparency of regulatory and bidding law. In addition, Fagali has worked with a variety of companies including the Brazilian Society of Public Law, Institute of Administrative Law Paulista and the Getillo Vargas Foundation.

Mr. Fagali received his law degree from the University of Sao Paulo. With a concentration in regulatory law and bidding. Mr. Fagali started as an intern for several law firms. His workload encompassed family law, administrative contracts and regulatory law. As a practicing lawyer, his focus was administrative Appeals, Civil Actions and contracts. Litigating these cases before Public prosecutors and the Courts of Account. His practice has focused on different aspects of corruption associated with public funds. Mr. Fagali has been a strong advocate of reforming the compliance of public law when it comes to anti-corruption and bidding on public funds. His passion for the industry has enabled him to attract attention and become a notable figure in Brazil due to his passionate views.

Bruno Fagali is currently the CEO of Fagali Law in Brazil. The organization focuses on anti-corruption, election and compliance law. Mr. Fagali is well known for creating streamlined and transparent systems for a variety of organizations, especially in areas associated with public funds. He is also a Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/sb an advertising agency. Nova/sb has worked with clients such as the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization. His position focuses on creating and managing an ethics committee within the organization. His work within the organization focuses on integrating ethics within the organization through compliance training.

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Looking through the Online presence of UKV PLC leaves any wine enthusiast with the idea that this London based company is one of the world’s leading wine brokerages. The use of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram has been a major part of the success achieved by UKV PLC as they publish a large number of images have been uploaded by the company as they bring information about some of the best vineyards found across Europe; the Online presence of UKV PLC is not limited to bringing information about vineyards, but also discusses a range of facts about wine and wine production through uploaded images.

The high quality of options available through UKV PLC is not limited to learning about wines through their social media profiles, but is also available through their expert knowledge of the wines offered through the brokerage of this London based wine merchants. As expert vintners, UKV PLC has built a history of working with some of the top vineyards and wine producers found in the traditional wine producing regions of Europe, such as the French regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. One of the main reasons for the success of UKV PLC has been the fact the company has always maintained its independence fiercely, which has resulted in the merchant being able to source wines from across the world that are from the top producers available for the benefit of their customers to learn more click here:

There are wines from a range of budget levels available through UKV PLC, which includes many wines from the top producers in France who are known for the high level of quality found in their wines produced. UKV PLC also ensures they provide wines that cover a range of vintages that are available for drinking immediately, or can be purchased as an investment for the future with the experts at UKV PLC providing expertise about how any wine may age and rise in value over time.

Lingerie has long been a desirable way for women to show off their sexuality. Honey Birdette has launched a New York Collection that has everyone talking. The sensuality of it all is beautiful. Satin and lace take a sultry turn and there are many different designs.

Honey Birdette is the first sensuality boutique in Australia. They have shown women how they can feel sexier and be noticed. Rather than offering simple bras and panties like many other lingerie companies, they consider themselves to be a boutique with sensual offerings. This includes brief suspender sets, playsuits, lace robes, and much more.

The New York campaign video has certainly taken the world by storm. It features beautiful women standing on skyscrapers and hailing taxis in lingerie. The lingerie shows just enough skin and curves to be provocative – and it’s why men and women alike are taking a second glance.

Honey Birdette has already shown that they offer quite a bit of lingerie. They’re a complete one-stop shop for fun and excitement. They also offer a wide array of toys for him and her. this includes everything from pleasure beads to gold eggs and everything in between.

The company knows a thing or two about how to turn up the heat in and out of the bedroom. Now that they have taken New York by storm, anything is possible. The boutique has certainly managed to express their worldwide appeal and they ship across the globe. This allows not only Australians to enjoy the lingerie and toys but also those in the United States, the UK, and other locales.

Dr. Imran Haque practices his medical skills in Asheboro and Ramseur. The residents of Ramseur, Asheboro, and the adjacent parts get to receive the medical care that he provides. He is highly regarded in these sectors for he has been practicing medicine for more than 15 years. He is an Internal Medicine Specialist. Dr. Imran is known to accept new patients and help them. He is usually ready to ask questions so as to know how to help his patients better. He accepts various health insurance payments.


Dr. Imran Haque graduated with honors in the year 1998. He studied at university, and he received top-notch grades. After he had finished, he was awarded his medical degree from the medical institute. After his education, he began his practice. He has been practicing medicine for about 11-20 years now. This has helped him gain a lot of experience, especially in the field of Internal Medicine. He trained at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. He has also attended several medical training programs like the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System Incentive Program, Medicare Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program, and the Medicare Maintenance of Certification Program.


Dr. Haque provides many services. Among these services, are; physical exams, Venus body contouring, weight management, diabetes management, laser hair removal, and 360 resurfacing. He has extensive knowledge and is highly specialized. He is, therefore, able to provide various services. This has promoted patients often coming to him for specific treatments. They will also visit his offices so that he becomes their chief care physician. He can diagnose most of the common illnesses. Specialists also get referrals from him when it is necessary. Dr. Imran can provide the services that most of the patients need right at his office. He also offers ultrasound and laboratory services in the office.


Dr. Imran Haque is associated with several hospitals. Among these hospitals, is the Randolph Hospital which has 14 doctors including him. The Randolph Hospital mainly specializes in internal medicine. He also works at Kindred Hospital-Greensboro. The hospital has six physicians, and he is one of them. The other hospitals where he serves are the; Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Hospital, High Point Regional Hospital, and the FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital. He also cooperates with the medical practitioners at Horizon Internal Medicine, which is a medical group.




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