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About David McDonald

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group which is a company that specialises in the supply of value-added proteins. His love for agriculture can be traced from his childhood. He grew up on a farm where he was actively involved in the farming activities. He became obsessed with the idea of improving the agricultural industry which was a dream he later achieved. Although he did not grow up from a well-off family, David McDonald went to school, and his parents ensured that he got a higher education. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the Lowa State University. After graduating, McDonald joined the OSI Group based in Chicago in 1991. Though he started out at the bottom of the chain, David worked hard to achieve the success he has today. He held several positions in the company including being the Project Manager of the Group. He also served at Marfrig Global Foods based in South America as an Independent Director.

Since he was named the company’s President, David has brought forth great changes to the company including venturing into new markets. He has spearheaded the company to the Chinese markets where he hopes the company is going to break grounds. OSI Group is also venturing into the European markets. As a result, David McDonald has purchased Baho Foods which is a European based company. This is a strategic move aimed at gaining more markets in Europe.

Acquisitions by OSI Group

Apart from Baho Foods, OSI Group has made several other acquisitions such as the Tyson Food and Flagship Europe. The acquisition made by OSI Group concerning the Tyson Food was a warehouse and storage facility in Chicago. This warehouse is in proximity to the OSI Group in Chicago. The Flagship Company is a UK based company that supplies food products across the country. OSI Group made all these acquisitions under the leadership of David McDonald.

According to David, he has a big dream for OSI which is to make the company an international name. Through his management, the company has managed to keep up with the global trends and deliver the best services. The company’s headquarters in the U.S keep close contact with the international group of OSI to ensure that services are provided efficiently across the globe. McDonald is a hard working diligent man who is the living proof that ‘hard work pays.’

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Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman with a notable impact in the business world. He is the former chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Louis started off his career in 1979 after graduating from University of Montreal with a bachelor of Business Administration degree in Production Management. Later that year, he joined General Motors, and due to his productivity, he quickly became the Production Manager until 1993.

He later joined Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer and his work was evident as he led them through the then tough economic times. This aerospace manufacturer was an affiliate of UTC. His ability to make profits forPratt & Whitney at the time when UTC was also in an economic crisis led him to be appointed as the CEO of UTC in 2008 and later became its Chairman.

In a recent interview, Chenevert details that the idea for UTC was brought about by the key executives and strategic vital small teams who come up with long-term plans. This has been instrumental in most of the company’s accomplishments. He was able to bring life to these ideas by combining talent with engineering to meet customers’ expectations and also reviewing work done by the small strategic teams to ensure essential objectives were met.

He is excited about the advancement of technology and how it is creating opportunities and rapidly growing his company. Louis accredits his professional success to his passionate and optimistic nature, focus on the primary goal, disregarding internal politics and ensuring his executives have all that they need to deliver.

According to him, his worst job is his first job at General Motors as a second shift first line supervisor. However, this taught him that people have the power to create productivity and has applied this theory in all his business endeavors. According to Louis, internal politics drive people away from the main agenda, which end up messing the future of brilliant leaders and disrupt a company’s extraordinary results. He thus advises entrepreneurs to desist energy drainers at work.

Chenevert advises investors to get the right team to work with, inspire and appreciate their hard work and make sure risk taken is always rewarded and encourages them to always focus on customer satisfaction. His strategy for growing his business has always been open and big thinking, eliminating obstacles and surrounding himself with winners.

Waiakea Water is not just like any other branded bottled water. It is exceptional and uniquely set apart. As a result, it is highly sought for in the world. To understand this, one needs to appreciate the fact that not all water is created equally. Some individuals struggle with finishing even a glass of water, but Waiakea Water will give you a yearning to drink the recommended amount of eight glasses without issues. One of the features that make this brand exceptional is the alkaline nature. Importantly, most of the other brands source water that has a pH ranging from 4-7 which means it is acidic. However, for Waiakea Water, the water has a pH of 8.8 that is naturally alkaline with no additives to make it appear so. With that in place, the water becomes a great antioxidant that is beneficial in the body regarding detoxifying the body hence getting rid of the infections that could be circulating in the bloodstream.

@avajohanna living her best life on Oahu 💦You know life’s good when you have a bottle of Waiakea in one hand and a peace sign in the other ✌️ #drinkwaiakea #premiumbynature

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Waiakea is an average company for bottled water that is not only sourced organically but also engaged in various global sustainability inputs. Ryan Emmons, the current chief executive officer, founded Waiakea Water in 2012. He was born and raised in California and Hawaii. This exposed him to the natural beauty of his entire childhood. Since then, he got a deep affection for nature and environment and slowly admired clean and healthy living. Ryan’s effort to found and run this great company was due to the opportunity that was gazing at their family. He realized that they were able to access the naturally pure, healthy, and sustainable source of water in the entire world. Without wasting time, he began digging into the opportunity, and today everybody sings and dreams of having this great taste of Waiakea drink.

An important nature of this famous drink is the fact that it is naturally alkaline. It has a unique filtration process where it goes through 14,000 feet through porous volcanic rock. This water has several benefits in the body. It generally improves the health of one’s body such as neutralizing the stomach, helps in acid reflux to balance the body pH, provides a variety of nutrient values that are recommended, and helps reduce the risk of dangerous infections.

Have you ever heard of a foodservice provider that’s known as OSI Group? Well, if you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. OSI Group is a premier food service provider that has more than 20,000 employees. The company is based in the United States, and it is one of largest private companies of this great nation. Being a top 100 company isn’t easy by any means. Leadership plays a significant role in a company’s success. David McDonald, president of OSI Group, has done a phenomenal job with this particular company. The guy has up to 30 years of experience, and he has helped to lead OSI into the future with his extraordinary business plan.

Within the three decades of working for this company, McDonald has played a huge role in business acquisitions. Under his guidance, the company has made many great acquisitions that starts with BAHO Food. This private-Dutch company has a dominating presence throughout Europe. Its two major plants are located in Germany and in the Netherlands. BAHO Food specializes in the production of deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. This particular company also has at least five-subsidiary companies under its belt, which adds-up to 60 years of experience. “Adding BAHO Food to OSI’s infrastructure has given us a larger presence in Europe,” said McDonald. OSI Group has an outstanding relationship with its customers and with its clients. In addition to this acquisition, McDonald has played a role in the acquiring of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe produces an abundance of sauces, marinades, dips and dressings. McDonald stated that “the company perfectly compliments OSI Group’s strength.”

This Iowa-native has worked his way straight to the top. He has a B.S. in Animal Science, and he has held numerous high-profile positions with OSI. Under McDonald’s tutelage, the company has built 10 advanced facilities in China. David McDonald has set a new mark at the leadership position, but who knows what he has in store in the coming years.

The Chainsmokers are a regular and average two guys who have achieve above average and extrodinady things with their talent and well honed and practiced musical skills which they now distribute worldwide to everyone who wants to play some music to enhance their lives and ultimately provide very high quality entertainment. The two met inside of an art gallery where Alex Pall worked at the time for money because at that time his music was only a side adventure before it became something massively awesome, and Andrew Taggart migrated to the City of New York after learning that Alex Pall needed a musician to complete his mastermind of musical artistry. They shook on it and shared their musical concepts to one another in an attempt to create that next perfect song that would rattle the ear drums of those who either knew of them or would soon become cognizant of their presence inside of the industry of music. Their music tailored to people who were not just into their style of music but to those who shared the struggles of the common world which is what Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall did to all of the music that they released into the world filled with current news and events. They added fragments of romance and human intimacy into a lot of their music which went against the grain to a lot of other bands who prefer to keep it simply to the electronic beats that could be heard in dance clubs and bars today. However, recently they decided to go against the grain again but in the direction that points to the uncomfortable topics most DJs do not venture into for whichever reason that be. Sick Boy openly and musically discussed the mental anguish that one may experience in trying to be popular on a social media site that feeds the culture of attaching one’s personal feelings of self worth to the the popularity that is attained when selling a false self that is in reality not the person behind the camera. They speak clearly and honestly in their work which resonates well with their fans.

Celebrity oncology urologist and Fox News medical correspondent, Dr. David Samadi pointed out in a 2016 post that chlorine in swimming pools can be harmful. In fact, researchers go as far to say there is permanent mutations of the DNA , in habitual swimmers who frequent pools disinfected with chlorine. In his article, Dr. Samadi also discussed the issues with disinfectant compounds or byproducts, called DBPs and cellular damage.

Studies conducted at the Research Center for Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona worked with 49 healthy volunteers, who went swimming for 40 minutes in an indoor chlorinated pool, after which they underwent medical tests. Overall, tests revealed an increased risk of cancer in healthy subjects, as well as potential effects on the respiratory system due to chlorine. Furthermore, scientists found genotoxic agents in urine, and biomarkers associated with cancer.

Dr. Samadi agrees that while swimming is good for cardiovascular health, it can be improved by reducing chlorine levels.

Do You Drink Chlorinated Water?

Scientists say the same problem arises when drinking tap water that’s chlorinated. This was also addressed, in another published article on Epoch Times by Dr. David Samadi. Chlorine has been used for decades as a disinfectant to remove impurities in drinking water.

A study performed by the Medical College of Wisconsin concluded, those consuming chlorinated water were at a 21% increased risk of developing bladder cancer, and 38% risk of getting cancer of the rectum.

Many people worry about microorganisms and other impurities in the water, but the environmental agencies check the bacterial load daily, however, they combat these problems by using chlorine. Chlorinated chemicals are shown to be carcinogenic or genetic-damaging, and yet they remain apart of our system.

Resolving Chlorine Levels

According to Dr. Samadi, a quick and economical solution is filtration. Filters can be purchased for shower heads and sinks. The simplest and most basic is the aerator filter that is screwed directly to the water outlet. It includes a small filter that must be unscrewed every month and cleaned of any impurities. Another is a breakwater filter to be connected directly to the tap, which can include a rechargeable cartridge with activated carbon. Vendors also sell ion exchange filters composed of resins useful for reducing water hardness and combating nickel, barium, cobalt and other hazardous metals.

Dr. David Samadi is an advocate for healthy living and provides unparalleled care to his patients. He is internationally recognized as a top surgeon and urologist, and his primary expertise is the diagnosis and treatment of Urologic diseases. Dr. Samadi has taken his skills to several countries to perform complex surgical procedures, and provide safe care. He’s traveled nationally and internationally, and is renown for his minimally invasive SMART surgery techniques, that has resulted in better prognosis for patients.

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For those looking to get through their to-do list for the entire will know how difficult it is. But, it is only the people without any planning who say so. Many great tips can help you complete your to-do list with ease. The first important tip from experts at Upwork is to write down everything instead of trying to remember it or make a list on your smartphone. It will help you keep an eye on the things that you have done and the ones that are still pending. Also, many people prepare their to-do list early in the morning when they should be completing some task as most of us are at our best during the early hours. It is best to take out some time the night before to create the list so that you can start working on it once you wake up.

For those working on freelancing platform such as Upwork have to make sure that they know what their task for the next day is. Also, make sure that you put some deadline to each of the work that you have assigned to yourself. It will allow you to execute each of the work efficiently and well within the time limits. You also need to remember that not everything will work according to your plan. There might be some unexpected work that has to be completed, so it is best to prioritize your work so that the important ones are completed on time.

Upwork is a global online platform that allows working opportunities to freelancers from around the world. People have the choice to work full time at Upwork, or they can earn additional income using the platform. You will have to find your own clients, but the platform helps you apply for the jobs that the clients make on the platform. You will have to bid on the project depending on your skills, and if the proposal is accepted, you can start working on the project. You can choose from hundreds of jobs in many different categories such as writing, designing, customer service, translation work, sales and marketing and more.

Today, Robert Deignan is very happy for leading his ATS Digital Services to being the first company ever to have an AppEsteem certification for their call center. This certification means that the ATS call center can well provide top notch customer support for software applications. AppEsteem was founded by Microsoft cybersecurity veterans to vet and certify apps and their support ecosystem independently. According to this certifier, the ATS call center fulfilled 39 compliance regulations to be awarded with this certification.

Deignan praised this achievement by his company saying that it will go a long way in cementing their position as the top customer support services provider. In addition to that, he said that even with his certification, the firm is looking to improve its services and products. He said that they are looking for more comprehensive and consumer-focused way that will bring the breakthrough in digital customer care.

This certification will open up new opportunities for both Deignan and ATS Digital. It is expected that being the only certified service provider, a wave of new customer looking for high-quality services and products will come their way.

Deignan’s education and career

Robert Deignan pursued a BS in Organizational Management at Purdue University. After his education, he worked in different fields and organizations over the years where he gained a lot of business management and entrepreneurial skills. In August 2011, he co-established ICE, LLC. The firm was later restructured and renamed ATS Digital Services. Ever since the founding of ATS, Mr. Deignan has been the CEO of the firm. Apart from business, Robert has interests in other fields like boat building and water sports.

About ATS Digital Services

ATS Digital is an international provider of top-notch customer service for digital platforms with its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. This company is committed to providing customers with quality products and services to their satisfaction. They offer a one-stop solution for all digital customer services. Currently, ATS Digital Services under Deignan serves clients from all over the world. Through his expertise in organizational management, he has been able to grow this firm from a start-up to a leading global digital solutions provider.

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American, businessman, and philanthropist. He raises funds to support spreading education about the Jewish religion and various Israeli causes. He also provides support for the State of Israel and other education programs for followers of the Jewish Religion.

Adam Milstein has focused his entire philanthropic operation on three principles that are the most important to him. These three areas are:

Active Philanthropy

  • Active Philanthropy – Providing financial resources to organizations that support causes he focuses on.

Life Path Impact

  • Life Path Impact – Milstein focuses on finding funds and helping to develop organizations that educate his target audiences. These organizations are typically aimed toward educating children and adolescence and helping people build a better, more faith driven life.

Philanthropic Synergy

  • Philanthropic Synergy – Providing funding and business guidance to various organizations to help increase the impact they are able to create and the number of people they are able to reach.

Adam Milstein – Writer For JNS.Org

Adam Milstein is a writer for Jewish News Syndicate, or He publishes news focused on how Radical Islam can affect the world as a whole, and how it is directly affecting Israel. While he does not publish on often, the content he publishes has great impact on the people who follow his work.

His last published article, “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism,” has grabbed a lot of attention. Especially since the world is well aware that radical Muslims, like any other radical religious group, can be very dangerous. Radical Muslims have focused their efforts on destroying Israel, which has always been known as, and referred to, as the homeland of the Jewish People. The truth is, radical Muslims are not just a threat to Israel, they are a threat to Christianity in general, and spread anti-Semitism everywhere they go.

Milstein claims that there are three main radical notions that are feeding the flames of anti-Semitism right now. These three radical notions are hate, bigotry, and racism. Since these notions are so strong in the world right now, that any form of Christianity has difficulty batting back against the hatred. According to Adam Milstein, the true enemies of any religion that is centered around the holy trinity are focused in these three main problems, so the goal of every religion is to fight back against these aspects.

U.S. businessman Sheldon Lavin has had a truly amazing and inspirational story. During college, he undertook studies in the fields of accounting, finance and business. Sheldon was working for himself as leader of his own consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin & Associates, LLC when he met the Kolschowsky family in 1970 and began a longtime business relationship with them. The Kolschowsky family were the owners of one of the largest food processing and wholesale distribution firms in the Midwest – Otto & Sons. The company was already serving large clients such as fast food giant McDonald’s.

The Kolschowsky’s wanted to expand their operations to the national level and Sheldon knew he could help them with this due to his background in finance. In only a year, the company had reached a national level of distribution and the owners of Otto & Sons were convinced that Sheldon should come and work with them full-time. Sheldon later became sole controller of the company that they rebranded as OSI Group, LLC. In his 40 plus years, the company has expanded its operations to encompass all of North America as well as a strong footprint in Asia, South America and Europe.

This has been accomplished by making wise acquisitions and carefully crafted business partnerships. Sheldon has made sure all this time that the family-oriented nature of OSI Group has never left the company. OSI offers top notch customer service and thinks of its customers and its employees as valuable family members. This has led to long-lasting relationships between both.

Sheldon’s huge accomplishments with OSI Group has received numerous types of recognition over the years. As recently as 2016 Sheldon and OSI Group received a pair of prestigious awards. Sheldon was presented with India’s Vision World Academy’s Global Visionary Award as recognition of his successes taking a regional food processing firm from the Midwest United States and turning it into one of the most globally recognized names in the industry. OSI Group as a company also received a huge award in 2016 when the British Safety Council honored the company with its Globe of Honour Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the area of environmental management and sustainability. OSI Group had to achieve the British Safety Council’s 5-Star rating in order to be able to qualify for nomination for the auspicious honor. These awards marked another great moment in the truly impressive career of Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group.

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