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In the few years that Waiakaea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has been on the shelves of grocery stores across the United States, the company has seen an astonishing 5,000 percent growth. The company, now about to turn five years old, has managed to revolutionize the way we view bottled water and encourage ethical and environmentally-friendly practices for all future bottled beverage products.

Waiakea water is the water derived from the Waiakea springs in Hawaii. Ryan Emmons, founder and CEO of the bottled water brand, first discovered this spring while vacationing with his family. What he found was a water source that was perfectly sustainable thanks to the high levels of rainfall in the area. He also discovered that the water boasted superior nutritional content.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakaea Water undergoes a unique filtration process as it runs along volcanic rock. Along the way, it picks up high levels of silica, a mineral that has been linked to numerous health benefits. Silica has also been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s later in life.

The water boasts a pH level much higher than standard spring water, making it incredible alkaline. It features uniquely high levels of essential electrolytes. Not only does this boost the health value of the water but it also gives the water its refreshing and sweet taste.

When Emmons decided to bottle the water, he was committed from day one to engage in ethical and environmentally-friendly practices. The manufacturing of the bottles is completely carbon neutral and uses completely recyclable materials. Most water bottle companies have received a lot of criticism for the impact that their bottles have on the environment.

Emmons also teamed up with Pump Aid, a charitable foundation that strives to bring clean, fresh water to underprivileged parts of the world. Specialty Foods has it that for every 1 liter of Waiakaea Water purchased, Pump Aid donates 650 liters of clean water to a community in need.

It’s these practices that have given the brand a boost in sales. Consumers are more conscious of ethical and environmental practices than ever. They are happy to support a company that makes these things its priority.

The company is currently valued at $10 million with its water easily found in grocery stores throughout the United States. The company is now looking to begin selling its product overseas. Thanks to high demand, Emmons is planning to open a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii in the next year.

Adam Milstein currently lives in Los Angeles, but he has deep ties and a love for his native land of Israel. He’s the co-founder of Hager Pacific Properties where he is currently Managing Partner, and he gives back to the Jewish community through the Milstein Foundation. He and his wife Gila also founded a Hebrew learning program along with the foundation called Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The Milstein Foundation holds three values as cornerstones to their work in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. Recently Adam Milstein sat down with the authors of Ideamensch to discuss his life’s work.


According to Milstein, he and David Hager got the idea for their real estate broker company while attending graduate school at USC because they felt that their life’s experiences and skills they possessed were worth more than what they were being offered for work at the time. Adam Milstein gathers his ideas by finding things that nobody else has been willing to do and bringing them to life in his work. His favorite book that he recommends to everyone is Dana Perino’s And The Good News Is … because he believes that whenever times get tough, they are never as bad as they appear to be.


Adam Milstein was born to a family that migrated to Israel right as the nation was being formed in 1948, and his father even fought for the new nation during the first war. Adam is the oldest of three sons and was the first to serve in the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. He went to the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology upon returning from the war and got his degree in business and economics. He worked alongside his father in the building framing business for a few years before going to graduate school at USC.


Along with founding the Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein has been a part of several Israeli public policy groups. These groups include Birthright Israel, AIPAC, StandWithUs, Israel On Campus Coalition, and the Israeli-American Council that he currently chairs. He’s also been listed in the Jerusalem Post’s top 50 list of the most influential Jews in the world.

Looking for a good business lawyer In Brazil?  The most important qualities you want in a lawyer are experience, knowledge, track record, success, and ultimately a lawyer you can confide in. Your attorney must instill confidence in you. Sometimes, clients spend several months, longer working closely with their lawyer, which indicates the need for retaining a lawyer you can trust.

Obtain a list of potential lawyers from reliable sources, such as friends, relatives and colleagues. You may also ask your accountant or doctor for recommendation. Real estate professionals can also recommend good lawyers. There other ways to go about getting a list of qualified lawyers for business or corporate matters.

After you have looked at your list and decided on the business litigation attorneys with the best reputation and experience, it is time to call and schedule a consultation. Consultations generally last around a half hour and provide you a chance to explain your matter. A good lawyer will listen attentively and then come up with a legal solution or suggest a couple of options. Decide on an attorney you will feel will properly represent you and your firm.

Ricardo Tosto focuses on business law and corporate law, and he is well regarded in the industry. He handles a wide variety of legal issues for clients in their business, and his clients come from all walks of life.

Ricardo Tosto handles real problems for clients in their organization, calling on his more than 22 years of experience serving large companies, business people, corporations, establishment owners, institutions and individuals throughout Brazil. Ricardo Tosto works hard on his clients’ behalf, doing everything he can to protect their rights and best interests. Ricardo Tosto is a highly regarded attorney who works toward achievable results.

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One of the most popular recruiters in New York is Julie Zuckerberg. Management and talent acquisition are her specialties. She is serving as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in Deutsche Bank for the last two years. Her work gives her the opportunities to work with leading business figures. They ask her guidance for developing strategies for recruitment and improving processes. Several companies hire her services for negotiating important management job offers. Her other tasks include counseling executive committees and leadership and coaching recruiting teams. At Executive Recruiter Company, Zuckerberg worked as Talent Acquisition. Her major role was to look after contract governance and maintain business relationships. Her career spans over a period of fifteen years during which her performance was outstanding. Before moving to Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg was working at New York Life Insurance. She had the positions of Senior Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. Her duties included analyzing the customer requirements with management and managing the recruitment process.



Julie Zuckerberg was working as Executive Recruiter and Vice President at Citibank before she joined New York Life Insurance. She served there for over six years. Her duties included international talent sourcing, providing advice for recruiting strategies and negotiate complicated job offers of senior positions. Zuckerberg was working as Candidate Placement Director at Hudson before she got the job at Citibank. At Hudson, she was involved in several activities like recruiting attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and case managers. Several legal firms, financial institutions, corporations have hired Julie Zuckerberg for recruiting people for temporary positions. Besides this, she has also coached & counseled employees and lead conflict resolution. People say that her strong educational background and work ethics are factors behind her success.



At New York Brooklyn College of City University, Julie Zuckerberg took admission to study philosophy. During her studies, she decided to change her path and took admission in New York Law School. It is how talent acquisition became the choice for her career. Julie Zuckerberg considers herself very lucky for having great mentors and teachers. Many of her mentors were extraordinary professionals under whom she worked. She credits those people for making her what she is today. They were the people who groomed her personality and improved her skills. In the world of corporate business, Julie Zuckerberg is an unmatched professional. Today the world knows her for extraordinary skills like team leadership, sourcing, management & acquisition, coaching, employee training, conflict resolution, and human resources. A reason why she is very successful in the competitive modern era business is her interest in using technology to improve efficiency.



Despite having such a busy professional life, Julie Zuckerberg manages time for leisure too. As a resident of NYC, she takes a keen interest in its versatile culture. NYC offers a lot to both residents and visitors, and Zuckerberg is fond of enjoying all that. People believe that her personal life brings amazing ideas to her professional life. In addition to this, Julie Zuckerberg is a strong advocate for the rights of underprivileged people, animals and human beings in general.


The world of fashion and technology has witnessed a seamlessly beautiful growth over the past few years. Though both industries have managed to grow in very different directions, there is no doubt that one would be incomplete without the other.


Over the years, fashion has been able to develop significantly because of the advancement of technology. The days of spinning cotton on a wheel would still be prevalent if it weren’t for technological advances helping find a way to make the process easier. In addition, bulk production of clothing would not be possible, and it would amount to a single piece of the article being very expensive just because of the sheer amount of manual labor involved.


Similarly, technology would not have grown to the extent it is today if people didn’t seek out technology as a fashion statement. Today, most phones offer more or less the same functionality, but people would choose to prefer one phone over the other solely on the basis of how it looks. Through the years, many electronics have been dubbed as ‘fashionable’ and essential to a particular style. In the 70s, it was the boombox, in the 90s it was the walkman, and in the 2000s it was the I-Pod. All these gadgets performed the same functionality of playing music, but were sought out a lot more, not only due to the technological advancement but more so, as a fashion statement.


Through technology, designers are being exposed to a wider canvas helping them to blend the two worlds together. With technology, the fashion world is now able to meet the consumer’s needs for innovations and creative designs.


Innovations like the AirBag for Cyclists has helped not only revolutionize the way fashion works but also helps in finding a way to protect us. The days of wearing an ugly hard bike helmet are over. Now, a jacket provides you with all the protection you need in case of an accident.


Investors like Christopher Burch are now starting to turn their investing ventures to the fashion and tech industry. J. Christopher Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment and brand development company based out of New York. Among his many business ventures, he believes the fashion tech industry is one that will be receiving a lot of light in the coming years owing to the innovations that technology can bring to the fashion world.


In the past, Christopher Brunch has established his own brand of clothes and home decor known as C.Wonder. Another venture into the fashion world was his partnership with Ellen Degeneres, for her retail brand ED.


Bruce Levenson is a businessman and philanthropist. Bruce Levenson helped establish United Communications Group. Levenson is a founding board member of Tech Target, an IT industry media company. Levenson also serves on the Board of Directors. United Communications Group owns GasBuddy, a mobile app that helps drivers find low gas prices in their area. Levenson was previously an adviser for the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Levenson is a member of the Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame for his work with United Communications Group.

Levenson has contributed to a number of different philanthropic organizations, reveals PR Newswire, such as the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Levenson has also contributed to the US Holocaust Museum, Seeds of Peace, and the Jewish Federation.

In a recent report by ESPN, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract involving the settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry, the former Atlanta Hawks general manager. The previous Hawks ownership group includes Bruce Levenson, who was a controlling partner. See,

The lawsuit claims that New Hampshire Insurance Company acted in insurance bad faith. The former Hawks ownership group believes that it was insured under a policy for coverage for certain losses in regards to employment practices. The lawsuit states that the limits of liability of the policy are enough to play the claim. The belief is that there is a breach of contract for failing to pay the covered losses in the settlement. The lawsuit says that there is no real justification for failing to pay for the covered losses. The Hawks former ownership group wants an additional penalty of the unpaid loss, along with the fees and costs of all attorneys.


José Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Jose Borghi is one of the two great minds behind Mullen Lowe, a very successful Brazilian advertising agency. Borghi along with Erh Ray began this company after he had had enough of being employed. With the little savings they had, they started BorghiErh. Years later, Borghi was to buy out Ray’s shares, leaving the total ownership of the company to Borghi. That was back in the year 2006. At this point, Borghi renamed the company to Borghi Lowe. However, Ray continued to serve with him as a president of the company. The company has grown to be one of the most reputable advertising agency in the nation. It has since changed name to Mullen Lowe and was in the recent past acquired by Lowe & Partners and Mullen Group on

Early Life

Jose Borghi is a Brazillian entrepreneur born in the town of Presidente Prudente. As a young fellow, Borghi had a very close relationship with his sister. In his high school days, his sister decided to give him a treat to the Castro Neves Theatre to watch a compilation of ads that had received Lions awards. His sister knew that this step would help him in making a decision when choosing a career path. No one knew that years later, Borghi himself would take the Lions awards in Cannes almost every year.


Borghi has a solid education background supporting his career. He attended Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC), Sao Paulo. He studied and graduated with a degree in Advertising.

Jose Borghi’s Career

The trip to Castro Neves shaped Borghi’s career. He was destined to pursue advertising and excel at it. After graduating, he was employed at Standard Ogilvy, a pioneer for the Brazilian marketing and advertising industry. He was to work with some of the top advertising companies in the country including Talent, Leo Burnett, DM9 and FCB, before leaving to start a company of his own.

Early Life and Career



Todd Lubar’s career began in 1995 when he joined real estate. With his passion for humanity and desire to continually pursue new ideas in real estate, Todd decided to focus on real estate and finance as a career. He was initially a loan adviser for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In that firm, he acquired knowledge on Mortgage Banking. He also learned to develop work relationships with the agents of real estate, financial managers, and insurance agents. Those people are now great entrepreneurial networks for Todd. In 1999, Lubar acquired an executive position at Legacy Financial Group. The position enabled him to grow his lending business in the loans and broker department. He lent outside investors and mortgage banks in the state.



Banking Institutions



In 2002, Todd’s focus shifted to Legendary Properties LLC, a firm he established for residential development. His focus and capitalization in real estate contributed to the enormous progress of buying, reforming, trading and profiting on over 200 transactions. The profits came from one unit to multi-family units. Through these projects, Todd developed relationships with experts in building businesses. This led to the timely manufacture of high-quality products. The high-quality products significantly contributed to friendly working relationships with big banking institutions. The banking institutions lent up to over 20$million.



Formation of Legendary Financial LLC



In 2002, Todd Lubar launched Charter Funding. This was an affiliate of the Financial Corporation of Magnus Financial. It was the largest private mortgage firm in the U.S. Through Magnus Corporation, Todd expanded his lending business due to broad access to resources like wealth and programs. With his more than twelve years experience, Lubar acquired a niche of clientele leading to the establishment of Legendary Financial LLC, a partner of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial LLC granted loans to private and public firms. With his leadership, Todd employed the liquidity of Legendary Properties with his funds in helping market borrowers who could not afford the interest rates of lending institutions. Todd’s participation in more than 7,000 transactions enabled him to analyze risks involved with loan processing and granting. He based his decisions on market trends and conditions.

As a lender, Equities First allows lending in a completely different fashion than most other lenders. Their team is highly skilled in lending out capital with their team of highly-experienced individuals and 14 years of operating experience. Equities First provides many other loans which normal lenders would not normally provide to their borrowers.

First of all, Equities First is a global lender; places for which they lend include: (US, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland). As a lender, they specialize in making loans based on stock as collateral to individuals and business around the world. For individuals whom are looking to obtain a loan based on the stocks which they own, it can be very difficult for them to do so through a local bank or credit union. That is why these individuals choose equities first for the capital that they need.

One example of a company whom borrowed from Equities First is a company that was looking to fund clean energy projects in India. With a great management team in place, it was a simple decision for Equities First to make a loan in favor of the Australian company. The funds mean more research and development into clean energy technologies in the engineering field, as well as iron-making technologies.

Stocks change in value, so borrowers are allowed to walk away from the loan if they are no longer able to pay it due to market fluctuations which are too extreme. Interest rates are also relatively low, at 3-4%. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the stock-based loans which are provided to individuals. Instead of being forced to use the loan for specific purposes, borrowers of stock-based loans are able to use the funds in any way that they would like. These are all very significant advantages for borrowers whom might need extra cash.

Equities First has provided $1.4 Billion in loans to individuals throughout the world. It’s many offices give the company a global exposure, meaning that people are able to benefit from the loans whom would not normally be able to do so.

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The Atlanta Hawks were once owned by a large group of owners, and Bruce Levenson came from that group to own the team outright. He has ensured the Hawks were in the best position to win, and he helped create a winning culture in Atlanta that pervades even now. The team has not been all that successful in the past, and this PR News article explains how Bruce has brought the team to a level of success.

#1: The Atlanta Hawks In A New Area

The team has entered a new era that is far more successful, and they will make the playoffs every year going forward as they make changes to their internal systems. They have hired the best of the best from the best franchises, and they are ensuring they may maintain their success even in the face of a stronger eastern conference.

#2: The Hawks Play In A Lovely Arena

The Philips Arena experience is a lovely place to watch a basketball game, and the fan experience is one that was improved by Bruce and his business plan. There are several different changes in Philips Arena that Bruce insisted on, and he helped make the arena more welcoming to the public. He helped ensure tickets in the stadium were sold at fair prices, and he wanted to ensure the city would embrace the team.

#3: The Team Is Winning At A Higher Rate

The Atlanta Hawks are winning more, are more valuable and more successful than they have ever been. Bruce sold the team for over $800 million because he built it into the best team in the division, and his work is evident at every game.

The Atlanta Hawks have become a power in the eastern conference because of Bruce’s business plan. He helped make the team into a stronger force in the NBA.

Source: Wikipedia

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