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Academy of Art University featured some of their work at the 21st runway show at New York Fashion Week. The collections included work by some of their BFA and MFA graduates. The audience had some very well-known names such as Sara Kozlowski and America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander. All of the grueling hours that the University’s graduates put into their classes, internships, and workshops really paid off. The menswear and womenswear collections were nothing short of stunning and inspirational. Although they only had 15 minutes on the runway, their collections left a lasting impression.

The Academy of Art University has been teaching its students since 1929 and covers many aspects of art. At the University, students can learn acting, advertising, architecture, art history, fine art skills, fashion, and graphic design. The University also teaches illustration, industrial design, landscape architecture, and visual development.

Some of the brightest graduates of the Academy were able to show off the work they had done including Hailun Zhou, from China, who created entirely new concepts with PVC and vinyl. Eden Slezin used vintage denim, and Ryan Yu created polar opposites with light and darkness. Jelly Shan was inspired by a religious setting and created a collection that was edgy and invigorating. Cana Klebanoff used Japanese armor, architecture, and castles as inspiration and Joanna Jadallah used a combination of brocades, knits, and wool for her menswear collection. Saya Shen used digital prints to inspire her designs, and Carlos Rodriguez worked delicate embroidery into his garments.

At The Academy of Art University students have the opportunity to earn their degrees in an enriched environment that teaches discipline and perseverance. It encourages its students to grab onto their individualism and to express themselves through their creative processes.

The University offers its programs through online study and abroad and is perfect for students wanting to continue their education or wanting to gain pre-college schooling. Students are taught by full and part-time designer, career artists, and professionals who have plenty of experience and insight to offer. Rather than try to conform its students, the University fosters their differences.

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Graham Edwards is not a strange name in the real estate business. He became the CEO of United Kingdom’s real estate giant, Telereal Trillium, in 2001. Since then, the corporation embarked on a growth trajectory, which is remarkable to date.

Telereal was formed in 1997 with a purpose of acquiring property owned by the Department for Work and Pensions. Land Securities acquired majority shares and renamed the firm to Land Securities Trillium.

William Pears Ltd established Telereal, an identical firm whose purpose was to acquire British Telecom’s property. Telereal managed properties owned by O2, Airwave among other clients. The two firms later merged to form the current Telereal Trillium.

The company has since grown to be the largest real estate company with about 500 people. The company is involved in asset management, property development, real estate investment, strategic land acquisition and residential development (

Telereal manages a portfolio worth £6 billion, which consists of 86 million square feet. The estates managed by this firm are spread across the United Kingdom. Made up of more than 8000 estates, Telereal’s portfolio houses 1 percent of UK’s labor pool.

This is because Telereal Trillium provides housing to the staff of British Telecom and the Department of Work and Pension. The success of this firm is attributed to Graham Edwards.

He has been at the front line in significant transactions of the company. He initiated negotiations that culminated in the transfer of British Telecom’s estate worth €2.4 billion. The deal was the largest for the company.

In 2009, Telereal acquired Trillium from Land Securities and led to the formation of Telereal Trillium. Together, they have a combined wealth of £1 billion.

These property-outsourcing deals led to the prosperity of the company’s portfolio. Graham Edwards was a key figure leading the transactions.



If you live in the Southern United States, the chances are good that you’ve heard of Stream Energy. As one of the region’s most innovative energy companies, Stream Energy has helped millions of people make the transition from dirty old fossil fuels to clean, advanced forms of energy.

Stream Energy has been one of the leading forces behind the increasingly widespread adoption of wind and solar energy throughout the states where it operates. This has proven to be an excellent business for Stream Energy, but it has also been good news for those who produce and operate green-energy-generating technologies. By allowing its customers to elect to use wind and solar-derived energy at highly competitive prices, Stream Energy is doing more than anyone else in the country today to help prove those energy sources as being long-term viable.

But the promotion of green energy technologies is just one area in which Stream Energy is making a profound difference. Throughout the Dallas, Texas, area, where Stream is headquartered, the company has been actively involved in charitable causes and philanthropy for more than a dozen years. Recently, the company announced the creation of its charity arm. Called the Stream Cares Foundation, the organization has been responsible for everything from taking local homeless kids on day trips to local waterparks to helping hurricane victims meet the tough challenges of rebuilding after they had lost everything.

Stream has inculcated in its employees the spirit of giving. And this has not just been limited to money. Many of the most dedicated volunteers in the Dallas area are Stream employees. They can be found at local food drives, Toys for Tots events and volunteering among the city’s homelessness-fighting institutions.

As just one example, when a tornado outbreak occurred in the northern part of Texas in 2016, Stream employees quickly drove to the scene to help local residents with the immense cleanup process. At the same time, Stream employees raised tens of thousands of dollars to help with the efforts. Incredibly, Stream itself then matched all of those donations, leading to a six-figure windfall for the tornado victims.

When it comes to having personal financial goals, everyone needs a plan to make those dreams come true with the professional advice regarding financial securities, and in the greater Austin, Texas area, Richard Dwayne Blair is there for those who needs the education to have a concrete retirement plan, and provide steps for those who are in need for managing their current wealth. Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor, with over 15 years of experience in the field, employeed with Quadcap Wealth Management. He specializes in educational seminars, pension consulting, portfolio management for both individuals and businesses.

Finances are fluctuating all the time, especially trying to keep up with how everything is revolutionizing today, so what Richard Dwayne Blair wants to do is create a finacial road map for investors, regardless of the road blocks that life brings. No matter how your current finacial situation is at the moment, an holistic plan is vital, if you are ultimately planning your future for a monetary gain. The way that he plans the portfolio for a client has built countless of positive relationships with those he comes in contact with, whether it’s building a relationship with a business as a whole, or building long-term trust with each indivisiual, he partners with.

Richard Dwayne Blair chooses to utilize a Three Pillar Approach to getting the best results from creating a financial plan. He likes to find out the client’s overall finacial goal, and looks to identify the strengths in the plan to create growth for long-term. Then Blair utilizes his custom made investment strategy relocating their assets, and managing their funds, to prepare a portfolio for rapid growth, as his second pillar. His third pillar is to provide insurance, for when a client’s financial plan gets disrupted because of an economic crisis, or anything that can be of cause to their assets altering.

No one can predict when an unforseen occurrence takes a major hit on their finances, so it’s imperative to take heed, when the option for insurance comes into place. Once the client is educated on the proper steps to managing their wealth, they in-turn become more active in their awareness, when it comes to handling their assests.

Well-known entrepreneur David G. McDonald has many interests. He is presently working with several different companies. He is currently the official CEO or chief operating officer as well as the president of the Washington, D.C.-ensconced corporation named the OSI Group, LLC.

“Dave” McDonald is now 53 years old. He presently also sits on the board of directors of OSI Group. Additionally, McDonald is currently serving in the position of official director of OSI International Foods Pty Ltd which is can be found in Australia.

McDonald’s Business Resume

He has some other duties as well. His job also means he must serve as the chairman of NAMI (North American Meat Institute). McDonald’s personal business resume is also highlighted by a stint employed as a project manager for OSI. For approximately a decade McDonald also worked as an independent director for the business known as M. G. Foods S.A. He signed up for that gig after a business then known as M. F. e Comércio de Alimentos purchased the OSI Group’s offices in Brazil and in Europe.

McDonald’s Formal Education

Once McDonald was finished with high school, he decided he wanted to further his education. He sent an application to the Iowa State University. Following his acceptance there he chose to major in the area of animal science. He finished all his coursework and was given a B.S. in 1987.

The official CEO CFO Interviews website interviewed David McDonald fairly recently. He was queried regarding numerous different topics. McDonald gave his answers to questions about such subjects as the corporation’s direction, different innovations, and inquiries concerning the general and continued sustainability of the entire OSI Group. He told them that he believes that everyone in the OSI Group is continually striving to keep the corporation expanding. He also told the interviewers that the business’ core list of values, like the song, remains the same as it was from the company was first founded. McDonald reported that today although the company’s methods of handling the various specific individual issues that arise are always in a state of flux.

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Jorge Moll is a well-known neurologist that is the founder of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He has a long-standing history in the medical field (Terra). He received his doctorate in neuroscience at the Federal University located in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He also completed his residency in Brazil as well. As he gained experience in the medical field he decided to go to Sao Paulo University where he received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology.

In Jorge Moll’s work, one of the most important ailments he wished to treat was anyone who suffered from an ailment, that destroyed their quality of life. This is what lead him to become the president and board member of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He is also a board member and director of Neuroinformatics Workgroup and Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit.

He was originally inspired to create the D’Or Institute of Research and Education because he had a strong passion and dream to make research happen in his home country of Brazil. Jorge Moll states that he has plenty of ideas for different things that his team can do and research, but he must take his time to pick out the one that would be best ( He works hard to make sure that whatever project they work on can be converted into a working plan of action that will allow everyone to collaborate. He contributes his success at business to being transparent and open to all his employees and anyone that might have an idea on how to help.

Moll is also great at supporting and recognizing trends in the world. One of his greatest interests include the rise of artificial systems. He is fascinated by how brains and machines may be able to work together to advance the healthcare world. Another interest he holds is gene therapy and regenerative medicine which may help many ailments in the future.

Jorge Moll is constantly inspired by those around him and his ability to help others in the medical field. He loves what he does and will continue to help to improve healthcare all over the world.


E-cigarette User; Savor The Flavor

Many users of the current e-cigarette popularity of e-cigarettes can savor the flavor from many brands, but the new O2Pur brand continues to be a preferred liquid among their users and newcomers alike. They enjoy the convenience of e-cigarette cartridges and a distinctive aroma. Instead of nicotine, you’re inhaling vapors, but nicotine cartridges for e-cigarette users exist with far less nicotine. In fact, when you order e-cigarettes or e-cigarette accessories, adults over eighteen can easily purchase products online with a valid payment method and have them shipped discreetly to your door.

The O2Pur E-cigarette Includes The Benefits Of;

The ritual of warming up your e-cigarette with the option of many unique aromas has contributed to several new users among many age groups. E-cigarettes are sophisticated to some and relaxing to others, but they all agree on the flavor. The minuet traces of nicotine in e-liquids and juices eliminate any harsh after taste. You can go fruity or choose a distinct walnut smoky flavor to accent a quiet evening in front of the fireplace. E-cigarettes create a vapor their users simply enjoy and e-cigarettes are relatively inexpensive and start to pay for themselves over time.

Market E-cigarettes For A Great Residual Income

Did you know the popularity of e-cigarettes can help you earn an excellent extra income and O2Pur is therewith all the essentials to help you with your new starter business. Best of all, social media has many great websites including Spotify to market products and accessories among your friends in your own e-commerce store. You can also use word-of-mouth or host a party dedicated to movie and trying new e-cigarette flavors. The flavor, convenience, and affordability are all great reasons to promote affordability. Earn a great residual income marketing what you love to do with e-cigarettes.

Investing in an e-cigarette business is a lucrative opportunity with an estimated net total industry value of over $135.2 million dollars. You don’t have to quit your day job, but marketing e-cigarettes can help you pay a few bills, take a vacation, or save some money for a special occasion.

In a recent report from CNBC Sahm Adrangi the operating manager of the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company expressed his disdain with the Eastman Kodak company when Kerrisdale capital released a negative report. As they went on to explain they’re short position with Kodak recently has had a 187% rise in stock value The investment manager believes but the release of this information was a poor attempt to chase the ICO attractiveness and that the company of Kodak is not able to maintain sustainable capital structure and operates with poor fundamentals. View Sahm Adrangi at


The investment management company would stand to profit as a short term holder. Kerrisdale Capital Management is more of a long-term investment and event-driven oriented manager. Eastman Kodak is a 138 year old company currently involved in commercial printing and imaging industry who has more recently been involved in cryptocurrency licensing

In the report Kerrisdale takes a position that cryptocurrencies although exciting technologies have the potential to disrupt many Industries and that Kodak is intending to use crypto assets to solve the problems of copyright infringement but in their view this is just a ridiculous idea and nothing more than a very bad attempt at chasing the ICO craze and a public relations scheme being used as a distraction to its investors of their poor financial status.



Adrangi, the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management since its inception in 2009 has grown the company to $150 million dollars managed after launching it just 9 years ago with less than 1 million dollars. He is a specialist in Short Selling and this latest move by Kodak did not get under his nose with a keen eye for misconception this report clearly lays out a textbook case of this type of manipulation and exposes the truth and the opinion of Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi on what Kodak is trying to do here. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

The CIO has a strong reputation for uncovering fraudulent Chinese companies. Many of the companies he has exposed have faced enforcement actions by the SEC thanks to the investigative work, sharp mind and diligent efforts of Sahm Adrangi.

Kodak Eastman now finds themselves and that very position.

Dealing and struggling with financial problems isn’t so out of the ordinary. In fact, millions of people are in debt all over the country at any given time, and this is why you need to consider hiring a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital. This company is able to handle all sorts of financial problems and woes, which make it easy for you to finally receive the help that you desire and get back on your feet when dealing with all sorts of financial worries. According to PR Newswire, whether you’re experiencing lots of debt or you’re simply someone who is dealing with credit score problems or business finance issues, Southridge Capital is there to right the wrongs that have been done.

Let’s face it, it’s a simple fact that the vast majority of us just don’t have the skills and means necessary to get this type of financial issue resolved on our own. You might be thousands of dollars in debt, and this can be an issue because of the fact that you’re looking for different ways to get out of debt without much success. Now is the time to give Southridge Capital a call or to send them an email to see if they can help you like they have a lot of other people as well. Once you hire them, they will get to work right away so that you’re able to make use of this and know it’s a company you can trust. You can visit

Once you make use of Southridge and know that they are there for you, it’s just a matter of having them take a look at your finances and know that this is something that is going to be of help to you and your family. There are lots of reasons for those individuals in and around Connecticut are making use of Southridge Capital, and it is simply because it is an amazing company that has years of experience in finance, so they are to be trusted and can help with the range of different problems that you might have been dealing with on your own right now.

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Medicine evolves and changes. Each year, medical knowledge may grow by leaps and bounds. One doctor who understands this fact very well is Dr. Rod Rohrich. In an effort to help colleagues share knowledge and better understand the world of medicine, the good doctor will be a crucial part of several upcoming conferences. Here, he hopes to demonstrate what is possible with modern medical techniques. He knows that a skilled surgeon like himself can really demonstrate how it is possible to get results patients love. Among the conferences the doctor is attending is the highly prestigious 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. He’s also attending the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. At both conferences, he’ll be the chairperson and go to guy for everyone attending. He’s also the organizer. In this role, he’s the person behind the scenes as well as the person others turn to for help. His aim to offer a showplace where patients and professional medical staffers can learn about new developments in plastic surgery. He wants to help people learn what can be done using the latest in technological advancements. He knows that many people from many walks of life turn to him for help in getting the medical services they need and want. To know more about him click here.

His Own Background

Dr. Rod Rohrich has has a long and active career in the field of plastic surgery. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He grew up in North Dakota. Here, he did well in the sciences and want to pursue his academic interests even further. His interest in the world of science led him to contemplate a career in medicine. He quickly realized that he could make a difference in the lives of others. He earned degrees at North Dakota State University and then later on the University of North Dakota. His degree in medicine comes from Baylor University College of Medicine. Every degree he earned with high honors. As a highly skilled medical professional, he’s risen to the top of his field. He has many prestigious occupations. His clinical practice is at the University Hospitals/UT Southwestern Medical Center. He also practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He also helps guide others who wish to enter the field of plastic surgery. He’s spent many hours teaching others in the medical field how to do skilled surgical procedures for their clients.


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