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Today, Hussain Sajwani stands out as one of the world’s richest Arabs. He is the tenth richest Arab which means that he is massively wealthy regarding the availability of monetary resources. As a way of strengthening his financial base and doing business, Hussain Sajwani is presently looking to extend his presence in Asia. His past engagements indeed shows his remarkable journey in the business world. For instance, he is highly regarded to for being the DAMAC owner, a property-oriented company that was ranked top on the Forbes list comprising of fast-growing global companies in 2017.

Other than being the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani founded the real estate development property company with skills obtained from his father who was an entrepreneur. He, however, as per Bezaat, had impeccable academic qualifications and background to support his endeavors since he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics after securing a government scholarship. The degree was awarded at the University of Washington.

The career of Hussain Sajwani officially began in 1981 whereby he served in the finance department of a notable company referred to as Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. However, the DAMAC owner had bigger dreams. Two years later, he shifted to the catering industry whereby he had several customers including Bechtel and the U.S. military. DAMAC properties was established in 2002; therefore, it was a time when Hussain Sajwani was fully experienced and conversant with the trends.

Most investors are often interested in politics. However, this is not the case for Hussain. He only gets concerned whenever there are changes that may affect any of his organizations. As such, he is always flexible and ready to make crucial adjustments that affect the growth and development of the company.

To date, DAMAC is a perfect example of a story of grass to grace. It began small, but it has reached a size and level of maturity that empowers it to start looking far beyond its native region. Hussain Sajwani can as well relate to his company since he as well rose to glory and wealth with time, and he celebrates having won different awards including the Real Estate Legend 2018.

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OSI Food Solutions is highly devoted to becoming the best company in the implementation of technology. This is why OSI is ready to risk in ensuring that there is sustainability in its operations in conjunction with those of its suppliers. This is among the key reasons why Sheldon Lavin has engaged himself in tremendous research and incredible efforts towards development to ensure that OSI Group attains sustainability. OSI group has established two culinary innovation centers, one of them is based in the United States while the other one is based in China. It also has a disintegrated R&D Center that is based in the Chicago area.

These facilities are set to establish new techniques that are meant to reduce OSI Group far-flung operations environmental impact. These facilities are a representation of a substantial investment that is aimed at creating product lines that are friendly to consumers as well as a more efficient and sufficient supply of chain. These factors have emerged as the primary factors of OSI Food Solutions operations. Given that OSI is a massive and an incredibly experienced food production industry, it can employ its resources on the establishment of the best practices which can be shared all across the supply chain.

In 2017, OSI Food Solutions dedication and passion towards sustainability was retained within the leadership structure of the company with the development of a CSO, Chief Sustainability Officer. This is one of the OSI Group principal leadership ranks. Nicole Johnson-Hoffman was offered the position. This position is set to oversee the global sustainability mechanisms all through the supply chain of OSI Group. At this juncture, Nicole was serving as a senior vice president of OSI as well as the vice president of the GRSB, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef before becoming the Chief Sustainability Officer, CSO of OSI Food Solutions.

GRSB is renowned as a food production industries consortium. Its major objective is to respect all companies that host food production, improve natural resources management, offer protection over beef safety and its success, implementation of various practices that will enhance the welfare of animals. It also helps in spreading the best practices towards efficiency and innovation to curtail waste and improve the long-term economic viability of the beef industry.

OSI has attained incredible growth and its on the verge of more development with time. It has been through able leadership and great management which has been the baseline of its growth.

Last year, Michel Terpins completed his 10th participation in the Bull Serteos rally championship. Bull Serteos is one of the toughest annual off-road racing competitions held in Brazil. Since its establishment, the rally has attracted numerous fans that come out in significant numbers to celebrate their favorite rally drivers.


The competition attracts rally drivers from different parts of Brazil who come to showcase their prowess behind the wheels. It features various stages with each stage posing a different challenge to the drivers. Only drivers with robust cars and teamwork can manage to pull through the competition.


For the last two decades, Michel Terpins has been competing alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpins. However, in the last four years, he decided to go with Justo as his co-driver. Justo is an equally skilled and talented rally driver who has taken part in several Bull Serteos rally competitions.


During the 22nd edition of the competition, Miche Terpins and Justo were on board the T-Rex, a robust and meticulous car developed by MEM Motorsport exclusively for the race. The car features a V8 engine in ethanol that is best equipped for navigating the harsh terrains at high speed. You can visit



The duo also participated in the recently concluded 25th edition of the Bull Serteos rally championship. The participating drivers would raise dust for a total of 3,300 km where they would pass through four cities. The team finishing in the best time would be announced the winner of the 25th edition of the Bull Serteos rally championship. Michel and his team managed to finish among the top in the competition that had more than 38 rally drivers. Check out Terra to know more.


Other championships

Due to their love for speed and off-road racing, Michel and his brother Rodrigo formed Bull Serteos rally team through which they have been participating in the annual off-road competitions. Rodrigo has participated in Bull Serteos rally championship five times while Michel has made ten appearances. Besides Bull Serteos competition, Michel and his brother also take part in the Brazilian cross country championship and the Mitsubishi cup.


Michel’s social media presence

Rodrigo Terpins is active in social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Tweeter. He uses these platforms to engage with his massive fan base and to keep them posted on upcoming events. He also takes his time to inspire other young people aspiring to venture into the sports world

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Bernardo Chua has recently specialized in tea and coffee products. This he has done to create awareness on ganoderma lucidum in different parts of the world. He first interacted with the mushroom species in his formative years while he was still in the Philippines. The herb freely grows on log woods and is used for its medicinal value among the Asian community.

The highly acclaimed salesperson has been instrumental in the success of both Organo Gold and Gano Excel. The latter, based in the Philippines, has been in business for more than 20 years. Bernardo Chua was tasked with managing its US outlet in 2003. At this point, Gano Excel had begun including Ganoderma lucidium in the manufacture of its products. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

Their product line features beverages, skin care products, and food supplements. The company manufactures and distributes these products. It also has a research center that seeks to increase the quality of its ganoderma lucidum.

He established Organo Gold in 2008 with his sights trained on the Western market. The firm whose headquarters are in Canada has distributors all over the world. He employed the direct sales model which has seen him achieve great success over the years. The Canadian base has won over a huge chunk of their clients who trust in the rigorous guidelines that the authorities have put in place. Bernard Chua uses his facebook and twitter accounts to create awareness on his products and bring more clients on board.

He worked tirelessly to provide the growing population of beverage consumers a healthier alternative. Ganoderma has been proved to considerably reduce the likelihood of heart disease, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

His efforts have not gone unnoticed. He received the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur award back in 2015. He has also won the Dangal ng Bayan awards a number of times. His company, on the other hand, has received a number ofaccolades the most notable one being the Best Global Network Company Marketing Company award.

He mentors young leaders through the OG Cares Foundation which also receives support from Organo Gold. He charges aspiring entrepreneurs to be focused in their quest to get to the top. This has been his way of giving back to the society.



Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce, to say the least. It seems that every day a new restaurant is opening trying to get a piece of this multi-million dollar industry. As restaurants come and go, many are it it for the long haul and their staying power relies on not only their product but also on how they run their business.

Steve Ritchie, newly appointed CEO of Papa John’s, already knows that the quality of their pizzas is the reason for their longevity in the corporate pizza world. Now, he wants their customers to know how much they value their people. Mr. Ritchie claims that diversity and inclusion are high on his company’s priority list. He has hired experts in the human resource field to study Papa John’s culture as it relates to diversity and inclusion. He is even sending out his top executives to personally visit all of both the company owned and franchised locations to make certain that every member of their team is aligned with this philosophy.

According to INC, it’s refreshing to know that there are still companies out there with a genuine respect for their people. Steve Ritchie is one of those people. He genuinely sees the value of all his people. His people not only comprise the 120,000 employees currently under the Papa John’s umbrella, it also encompasses the many valued customers, reliable vendors, neighboring communities, as well as potential investors that are associated with Papa John’s. He sees his people as brand ambassadors, of sorts, in their prospective communities. They have pride in the company that they are associated with based on both its reputation for quality as well as its focus on diversity. This pride is then demonstrated to their friends and neighbors. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s knows the formula for a successful restaurant. Great food, great service, and great people are the keys to success. If one ingredient is missing from the formula, the business falters. Mr Ritchie knows his company already has great food and service. Now, he wants the world to know how much they value their people. See the latest Twitter status from Steve Ritchie.

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Peter Briger’s successful career in finance and philanthropy

With an MBA from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Princeton, Peter Briger has had quite the successful career. He kicked off his career by joining the Goldman Sachs Company where he worked for one and a half a decade. Briger served Goldman and Sachs in various positions in different departments including the operational department, management, and was a shrewd leader as well. By the year 1996, Briger became a partner at Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is an investment banking company with a lot of prestige. Working for the company for as long as he did earn Peter vast knowledge and prowess in the industry. In 2002, Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs and joined Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

  • Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress is one of the World’s largest investment management companies managing assets worth more than 40 billion dollars. The company serves both private and institutional investors. Peter joined the company as a co-management Officer. Peter is recognized as a chief influencer when it comes to the publicizing of Fortress which resulted in its massive success in the industry. Peter Briger is also responsible for the real estate and credit business at Fortress; he is a co-chairman of the company as well as a member of the board of directors since 2016.

Following the acquisition of Fortress by SoftBank in December 2017, Briger made 1.39 billion dollars from the sale of his shares which exceed sixty-six million. In addition to his previous net worth, Peter is currently worth 2.3 billion dollars and has been ranked 407 by Forbes in the World Billionaires List.

Beyond Fortress Investment Group

  • Beyond Fortress Investment Group

Apart from his roles at Fortress, Peter is also a board member at the Tipping Point. Tipping Point is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families in the state of San Francisco. He is also a member of the board of the Caliber Schools, a system of grant schools that is dedicated to assisting students in preparing for a successful four year run in challenging and competitive colleges and beyond.

Peter Briger is an active philanthropist as well; he has reportedly invested close to 600 million dollars towards maintenance and conservation of New York’s Central Park. Furthermore, he has invested in other causes aimed at the promotion of education and the alleviation of poverty in poverty struck demographics.

Engage life, and it will inspire you with ideas from various experiences. This discovery is from Ara Chackerian that has made him who he is today. Ara has several titles to his name such as entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. Ara is passionate about start-ups that look promising. He invests in them, and later they bring forth after being successful. Ara converted this idea to a business opportunity.

Ara Chackerian is the managing partner if ASC Capital Holding LLC, which believes in young healthcare companies. Ara is also the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. This organization offers a magnetic stimulation therapy for depression treatment not responding to conventional methods of treatment. This organization has helped many depression patients in recovering from their illness. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Besides TMS Health Solutions, Ara is passionate about participating in healthcare technology. Many inventions have transformed the healthcare industry. Ara believes that technology has the potential to overhaul health care. For this to happen, investors ought to focus on this field and support this evolution. Among the companies, Ara has invested in are PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion. Ara Chackerian has also seated in several company boards for start-ups. You can check out their website


Ara encourages parents to motivate their children from their early days. The inspiration will bear a mind of innovation and creativity. That is one of the things that assisted Ara to derive ideas from life experiences. Telemedicine and digital healthcare, for example, is what is trending in Ara’s areas of interest. These topics will increase enormous value in healthcare. Telemedicine and digital healthcare take proactive approaches that will prevent illnesses or capture them in their early stages. You can visit for more.


In Ara’s experience, doing business requires partners. He advises people to choose their business partners wisely. Identify what they are bringing on the table and appreciate the differences. Also, business people ought to separate emotions from professional situations. Doing business with friends requires compartmentalizing and realizing when things are not going right. Friends will feel hurt when one declines their opinion, but it is the right thing to do. The secret to successful business is applying practical and brilliant strategies that will work for that particular entity.


Alexander F. Hern is a highly qualified professional who lives and works in vibrant San Diego in Southern California. He’s a hard-working entrepreneur who is part of the sizable technology field at the moment. He has a lot of knowledge that pertains to the Internet and how it operates these days. Alex Hern’s entrepreneurial background spans a quarter of a century plus. He puts a lot of effort into businesses that are still young and looking to get off the ground. Follow Alex Hern on

Hern is at the helm of a company that’s known as Tsunami. He functions as its founder and Chief Executive Officer. People call him its Co-Chairman as well. He has many associations with diverse companies out there. He’s been on the boards of many widely known entities so far. Some of these are CloudShield, ArcSight, Triton Network Systems, Mobile Airwaves Inc., AlterEgo Networks and People link Hern to all sorts of companies that have strong reputations within their industries. There are many who are familiar with his work with Silicon Valley Internet Capital, Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty, Inc., AppDirect Canada, Inc. and more. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Tsunami is a trustworthy VR (Virtual Reality) powerhouse that aims to change how human beings do things. It offers effective communications options that accommodate companies all around the planet. Tsunami gives its patient and detail-oriented customer base many choices in options and products overall. Companies that are interested in studios can go for assistance with simulation and animation. Companies that are interested in work settings, on the other hand, can go for help with meeting and event facilities of all kinds. The Tsunami team gives its time to organizations that are part of all kinds of fields. These include the life sciences, medical care, defense, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, construction, industrial tools and automotive industries.


Paul Mampilly is making good use of his education in the finance sector. He is a Fordham University graduate with MBA. In 1991, Paul was the Bankers Trust assistant portfolio manager. Through the years, Paul was able to gain experience and knowledge where he was able to get essential positions to work at legal firms, including ING and Deutsche. A billion-dollar corporate later recruited him after they realized the abilities Paul had. In the organization, Kinetics Asset Management, Paul used to handle the hedge fund where he helped the firm to grow its assets up to $25 billion. Barron even named it as the world best return. Eventually, Paul was tired of Wall Street and making money for people who are ultra rich. Paul wanted to have more time that he could spend with his family. Currently, Paul Mampilly is in the finance world, and he is working as a researcher and analyst on investment. In his life, Paul has been helping other people to make money also so that they will be able to live better. When you look at most of the newsletter he has written, they provide investment tips and sound advice that will help people to move ahead. Paul features currently in Fox Business News, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

In an interview, Paul answers some questions regarding what he thinks and does. He said that what gives him the authority in the investment industry is the track record that is proven where he has been helping individuals to make money. Despite him having a long background on the Wall Street, he has been able to manage money, analyze, a trading desk and all other aspects found on the Wall Street. With that, Mr. Paul Mampilly can be able to bear all his experience with an intern understanding of the happenings in the Wall Street daily. An average investor might not be able to see what happens because they never work on the Wall Street. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again.

Finally, Mr. Paul Mampilly has peers that separate him from other investors. He believes that the amount he does daily is on the right way, and if everyone follows his advice, the success will also follow them.

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A Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is bound to raise the status of any individual who receives it in the society. This is no exception for renowned architect Robert Ivy, who received the award on June 2nd from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

He is the first in his profession to receive this Noel Polk Award which is conventionally bestowed upon individuals from Mississippi who have a passion for art and show immense support for art. Ivy is set to join the league of celebrated past honorees like famed actor Morgan Freeman and acclaimed author Eudora Welty. He was awarded together with stained glass designer Andrew Young from the Pearl River Glass Studio.

Robert Ivy has demonstrated exceptional devotion to his work throughout his architectural career. Currently, as the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he has expanded the organization’s influence to a global scope. He has also led the AIA to attain its highest membership numbers since its inception. Before he became AIA’s CEO, Ivy worked as a senior editor of the Architectural Record at McGraw Hill. During his tenure at McGraw Hills, he steered the magazine to become a leading architectural journal around the world. He also pioneered the magazine’s Mandarin version and guided the firm during its expansion in China and the Middle East. Under his leadership, the Architectural Record received several awards including the National Magazine Award for Excellence.

When it comes to receiving prestigious accolades, Robert Ivy is no stranger. In 2010, the National Architecture Association gave him the title of Master Architect. This is a title presented to only the best architects like Ludwig Mies and I.M Pei. The University of Arkansas also honored him with a Dean’s Medal in 2017.

The president of MIAL Nancy LaForge was among the first people to send Robert Ivy a congratulatory message. In a press release, she said that Ivy deserved the award for the excellent work he had done as an author and speaker in making architecture obtainable to the public. The AIA’s president Carl Elefante also praised the Tulane University Alumni for representing the architectural profession well.

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