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White Shark Media offers PPC management and has its offices in Nicaragua, Miami, Central America, Denmark, GA, Atlanta, FL and Scandinavia. The enterprise delivers effective management services to small and medium businesses that advertise online. White Shark bases its philosophy on the fact that their success only comes after the client’s.

White Shark Media has continuously improved on its efforts to enhance their customers’ experience and end results so as to address customer complaints and concerns. To do this, the firm has established better marketing solutions by revamping its services. The company has also focused on customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction. White Shark now uses clients’ Google adwords campaigns to give reports. This provides a detailed review of the clients’ campaign, hence enabling them to identify exact strategies used by the company to expound on their customer base.

Focusing further on customer feedback, the company has improved its communication to some of its clients to curb the complaints raised. There are now new systems of access-phones which are direct-extension enabled. Moreover, the systems have monthly go-to-meeting calls. All these aspects have improved communication hence client satisfaction significantly.

White shark has assisted businesses to succeed via innovative marketing through search engines. In addition to being cost-effective, the company meets most Google’s eligibilities which are stringent. Google itself through its employees acknowledges White Shark. It states that the company is its partner and offers an end-to-end customer-based service, experience and expertise. This enables business owners to focus their attention on operating their businesses.

Apart from a few complaints, which White Shark has so far addressed, many clients continue to offer positive feedback about the company. Some of them boast of having a new customer base, thanks to White Shark. While some clients say White shark has assisted them to save more than 10,000 dollars on cost per month, others associate the company with growth and success.


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Adam Milstein is a Jewish American businessman who resides in California. He works for Hager Pacific Properties that is based in Encino, California in the greater Los Angeles area. Mr. Adam Milstein came to the United States in 1981 and completed a graduate degree program in business at the University of Southern California in 1983. He began working as a real estate broker before joining Hager Pacific Properties as a managing director.


Mr. Milstein has been named one of the 50 most influential Jews of the year in 2016 by the Jerusalem Post. The award is a testament to the leadership, activism and support of Adam Milstein to and in the Jewish community. He is a board member of several Jewish groups and charities including the American Israeli Political Action Committee, which has welcomed presidential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties in the 2016 presidential election. Adam Milstein also endows Jewish charities and pro-Israel groups through his charitable foundation called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.


Some Of The Highlights From Adam Milstein’s Interview On Ideamensch


Ideamensch inquired what is a habit of Adam Milstein’s that make him more productive in his work. His response was constantly following up on tasks needed to be done, being consistent at work and business and being persistent. Persistence is especially important in real estate where you might have to wait years to see any kind of return or profit on a deal or investment.


Another question given to Adam Milstein from Ideamensch was what is a thing that he does over and over and suggests other people do as well. Adam Milstein said that trying to comprehend issues at work and business yourself is extremely important. When you understand an issue, you are much more likely to solve it or come up with a good solution. Understand a problem also allows you to look at it differently. It also fosters self reliance which is necessary for all entrepreneurs to some degree.


Ideamensch closed the interview by asking Adam Milstein who has been a big influence in his life. He said that David Hager, the founder and owner of Hager Pacific Properties has been a good influence in his life. Milstein says he admires David because is smart, has vision, and thinks ahead instead of just in the short term. These are traits that Adam tries to emulate, because they lead to success in real estate.


Highland Capital Management is an investment advisory organization that is governed by a philosophy based on principles of experience, discipline, and boldness. Through its affiliate companies, Highland Capital controls an approximated 15.4 billion dollars in assets. These makes the company one of the largest and most competent alternative credit managers in the world. Highland Capital Management is a company that specializes in credit strategies that include credit hedge funds, separate accounts and long only funds, special situation and distressed private equity. This company also offers emerging markets, long or short equities as well as natural resources management.


Highland Capital Management is a company that serves a diverse base of clients which include public pension plans, endowments, foundations, corporation, governments, financial institutions, funds of funds, as well as high net worth individuals. The company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas has offices in worldwide locations such as Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore, and Seoul.


Highland Capital is a firm that has visited Nasdaq MarketSite located in Times Square. This visit was to celebrate the latest listings of the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan. Mark Okada, co-founder and the chief investment officer at Highland Capital rang the closing bells. Highland Capital Management is a company that enjoyed a great year in 2016. They made lucrative investments when the oil prices hit rock bottom. These investments racked almost half of the company’s total revenue in 2016.


Highland Capital Management is a corporation that has over twenty years’ worth of experience in the global alternative managing sector. The history of the company began being shaped in 1997 by co-founders Mark Okada and James Dondero. The company has been formed to its current state by its outstanding leadership. James Dondero and Mark Okada offer the company veteran leadership skills. The company also boasts of an excellent investment management and client service teams. Highland Capital Management is a company that is also reputed for its endeavors in making its community better. They are committed to making a notable change in their communities by generous donations to noble causes. To this end, they offer financial support to local and national non-profit organization. They believe in the importance of the community and the need to contribute both time and resources to make it better.

Thor Halvorssen is a man of action. This is good news to anyone who is interested in the integrity of human rights around the world. The 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation pulls up his sleeves and does the dirty work along with his employees.

Thor is known for being an outspoken critic of tyrannical dictators around the world. But he doesn’t just complain about them or do viral marketing to illuminate why these world leaders are bad people; he gets on the ground to fight against them. Right now, Thor is on Kim Jong-Un’s hit list.

Thor Halvorssen took his Human Rights Foundation to the southern border of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. It is here that Thor and his foundation waged a war of information on the despot. The crew took high-powered balloons to the border and floated them deep into North Korean territory.

The Human Rights Foundation filled these balloons with cash, educational pamphlets and DVD videos. They aimed to teach the people of North Korea about the world. Education about the outside world is something that Kim Jong-Un specifically outlaws.

Kim Jong-Un’s power derives from great military investment and the ignorance of his people. The citizens of North Korea do not know how good the rest of the world has it, and conditions inside the country are incredibly bad. For years, North Korean citizens have been dying of starvations because the country is not capable of producing enough food. The rest of the world also enforces sanctions on North Korea making food importation impossible. Those sanctions will be in place until North Korea becomes an actual democracy.

By educating the citizens of North Korea, Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation hope to bring instability to the country. If enough of the country’s citizens begin to understand the quality of life that could be had if Kim Jong-Un was deposed, then perhaps North Korea’s citizens may begin to fight back. The fall of Kim Jong-Un would be a major victory for human rights, Thor Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation.

After the US Presidential race, the world has been in a status of doubt. Different enterprises and speculators around the world froze at the viewpoints and feelings of President-elect Trump. There are various things that Trump has said regarding foreign policies and trade at This could unimaginably impact the earnings of gigantic associations all through the world, while financial specialists have taken an incredible $100 billion dollars out of the market since January this year. Trump is the essential pioneer of the United States that has been absolutely erratic. This has greatly contributed to an unverifiable in the global market.

Nevertheless, Jim Hunt from VTA Publications has been the security image for the larger part of financial specialists over the globe. The recordings for his week by week market research made confirmation for his enthusiasts. Not in the slightest degree like the monetary figures on depicted in the media, Hunt takes fair-minded and a cool view with respect to the market insights around the world. He then unites the insights in a way that is adequately grasped by every level of financial specialists. Notwithstanding whether you are an expert in monetary field or a beginning investor, you will have the ability to get information from Hunt’s step by step recordings and use it to give you an unmistakable view into the overall markets monetary future on

VTA Publications Ltd is the verifiable publisher which is an occasions coordinator catering & distance studying courses to master genres. The firm was started in 2012, with many clients all over the globe benefiting from the products and information provided. VTA Publications’ focal objective is to offer clients with front line data, whether digitally or physically, by means of free articles & courses, and focusing on the financial matters. The publisher plans to source the leading experts in their field all over the world, searching for the people who – walk the talk, in order to pass on their tradecraft & experience specifically to customers in simple to-use designs. VTA Publications moreover acts as a booking specialist focusing on occasions and workshops of the same nature.

The most recent video has researched the ground breaking strategy. As opposed to just looking on most recent changes in the market, Hunt has been giving his followers guidelines and motivation using the market statistics on all the way to 1980. In the interim, many business people on the global market are looking forward to witness on the extraordinary occurrences.

Lori Senecal may be a self-described introvert, but she knows how to lead. She has obviously overcome her shyness to some degree. She had to in order to rise to the position of global CEO for CP+B. This a marketing agency that has quietly become a leader in the marketing industry.

Long before Lori Senecal showed up Crispin and Bogusky where getting the marketing campaigns with the heavy hitters. CP+B is responsible for some of the well-known Burger King Whopper commercials. This is also the same company that is known for Microsoft commercials featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld. It is interesting to see how these types of commercials have shaped this company in the past. It may be more interesting, however, to see how Lori Senecal plans to shape CP+B in the future.

Lori was appointed during a time when this marketing agency was working on another big contract. This time it wasn’t a fast food franchise or a technology giant. This huge contract was for Infiniti, the luxury car design company. It was hard work to get this company to commit, but the victory was won. The success of this company marked a point where changes would need to occur. For the first time in the history of CP+B, a global CEO would be needed to help this marketing agency expand to new levels. Lori Senecal was the right person for the job.

According to the NY Times, t he thing that made Lori a perfect fit was her previous work experience. The contract with Infiniti on this global scale marked an instant need for more growth. This was obvious right away, and Lori Senecal was the leader that was known for helping companies grow. She has been in positions where she has quadrupled the size of the staff. This the type of leadership that would be needed to oversee global operations for a company that is growing the way that CP+B is growing.

Lori Senecal is someone that knows marketing because she has been doing this for so long. She knows about all the problems that could occur. She also knows about the challenges that a company will face when there is a point of transition such as this. It is good for CP+B to have a leader in place that knows how to maneuver and endure the growing pains that come with success. Senecal is a professional that is able to grow CP+B. More info available on Lori’s Twitter page.


Shopping can be a very exciting activity for people. This is especially true when it comes to fashion. When one is going shopping for clothes at a mall such as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall, then all that is needed is for the shopper to have a lot of imagination. The more creative a shopper is in fashion, the more excited he will be because there are tons of fashion stores available for the customer to choose from. These stores offer something different for the customer. Therefore, he can just take his time to find some items that he will truly like.

He gets to explore the different material that determine not only the feel but also the durability of the items that are offered. He can pick out the many different styles such as athletic, forma, and casual. He could even go further to discover some rare styles that will really push the boundaries of fashion. The whole point of Manaira Shopping is to help the customer be able to express himself in many ways which include buying the clothes and the devices he wants. Manaira Shopping has been created with enough room for the customer to create his own lifestyle.

While some people see shopping as a drag, there are the more creative types that see the purpose behind shopping at Manaira Shopping. However, they are willing to build something better in their lives. When it comes to fashion, they want to put together their own image that they can be happy about. With the style and the material they wear in clothing, they can actually be completely satisfied with their choices in purchases for a long time to come. They will also experience greater fulfillment in life from Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. They will also be able to enjoy the social experience that comes with being at the establishment.

One of the best ways to become great at something is to learn from someone who is already great at it. Therefore, many young entrepreneurs are always seeking guidance from Eric Pulier. This is because he has proven himself to be one of the leaders in the tech startup industry. Very few people have been able to launch as many successful startups as him. This has made his advice highly sought after by people who are attempting to get their own tech startups launched. Eric remembers how it was for him when he was first getting started. He is happy to give young people the advice that he never had when he was their age.

Eric has been giving lectures to young entrepreneurs for quite a few years. He says that he finds this much easier than answering every email he receives. He also posts blogs on his own site that offer advice on a variety of topics related to launching a startup company. These topics range from financing the startup to methods you can use to promote your new startup for little or no money. He has also revealed many of the techniques he used to launch sites like Desktone, Akana and ServiceMesh. This has come as a shock to many industry insiders. However, Pulier has said that he has already made a lot of money by selling his startups. Now he feels it is time to pass some of his secrets down to people who can use it to their advantage.

Pulier is a Harvard graduate with a degree in English literature. He got into the tech startup industry shortly after completing his studies. He enjoys the enthusiasm that young people have towards what he has dedicated his life to doing. He has said that he feels obligated to give lectures to young people and answer their questions. His speaking engagements usually take place at colleges and tech conventions. He has also spoken at several conventions for entrepreneurs. Eric has used these speaking engagements to his own advantage. He has hired numerous young people that he has met.

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Equities First US is a financial services firm that specializes in providing alternative lending solutions for businesses and high net worth individuals. This enables a number of companies and individuals to get the funding they need in order to reach certain goals on a regular basis. The firm has been in operation for 14 years and has been able to establish itself as one of the most trusted sources of alternative lending solutions for clients. What sets this company apart is the team of experienced veterans in the financial industry. This firm offers a lot of expertise and experience which will greatly benefit clients on a regular basis.

The firm Equities First US is based in the United States but also has a number of office locations in other parts of the world. Therefore, it has established a considerable international presence. When working with Equities First US, clients will be in position to get loans and advice on how to best manage their finances. Since the firm has a number of experienced financial professionals, clients will be in position to always get the proper guidance they need in order to reach any of their financial goals. Whenever you work with Equities First US, you will be certain to get the very best assistance possible when it comes to getting assistance in managing your finances.

For businesses that are in need of funding to start up or expand, working with Equities First US will be very beneficial. The firm will provide them with an alternative to bank financing which can prove to be very accommodating. In case a company cannot get a traditional loan, they will have the opportunity to get a financing solution from Equities First US. As a result, they will be in position to more easily fulfill their objectives in a more timely manner. For individuals, Equities First US can help by offering funds to invest in more lucrative things such as real estate and financial securities.



For people who feel very strongly about a certain cause, they will do anything they can to advocate for that cause. One of those causes is cancer. Most people have been, or know someone that has been, affected by cancer in some way. The treatments for fighting this disease have improved greatly over the past few decades. There is no cure yet, but there are people continuing to search for one. One of those people is Eric Lefkofsky.

Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Michigan and is the son of a structural engineer and a school teacher. Eric attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991. He then went on to the University of Michigan Law School where he graduated two years later. After graduating, Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner ventured into the business world.

Through the years, Eric and his business partner started up and were involved with many businesses in a variety of industries. One of the companies Eric created and was an investor in became a huge success. That company was Groupon. Groupon continues to grow and was given the title of being the fastest growing company in history.

In 2016, Eric Lefkofksy co-founded his current company, Tempus. is a technology company, and they have created a system that helps in the battle against cancer. The benefit of this machine is that doctors can give their cancer patients personalized care. They are able to create a treatment plan based on current information about each patient’s body.

Blood and tissue samples are taken from a patient and sent off to be analyzed. The RNA and DNA sequencing are reviewed to see if there are any gene mutations. A comparison is done between normal cells and cancer cells. The results are then sent back to the doctors, and the doctors have real-time data about each patient. More on

Eric Lefkofsky is doing what he can to help in the battle against cancer. His machine is a new approach to an old idea, and only time will tell what this machine can really do.

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